The Body

October 16, 2018

So much of the time we as the church throw out this idea of Christians being the body of Christ. What does this really mean for us, and to us? We are going to look at three distinct differences in the order of a “Son/Daughter” of God. First there is the Body, followed by the Bride, and ending with the Corporate Man. In this order! Today, we go over the Body.

I have spoken about this in length, but we’ll throw it out to the google-verse anyway. In order to be seen as the body, we have to first understand what it means to be the body. In order for that to happen, I always ask people to set aside their preconceived ideas, and just listen.

There are a few of scriptures which really bring this idea of being the body into light. Remember when Jesus was saying, “the birds have nests, and the foxes have dens, but the son of man hath nowhere to lay His head?” Most of the time this is taught as, “just like when Jesus was a baby, there is still no room at the inn.”

Jesus was not saying He didn’t have anywhere to sleep. He was saying the head, has nowhere to rest. In other words, Jesus was saying, “where am I going to place my head?” We all know the scriptures which tell us Jesus is the head, the headship, and the crown. How we need to take on the mind of Christ. When we look at the body (us) in itself, we are looking at a body without a head. (Read my blog on the “Headless Horseman.”) Jesus was saying at the time, there was no body on which His head could be attached.

The next verse is at the burial and resurrection of Jesus. When Jesus was buried in the tomb, we understand He was not just set inside and a big rock placed in front. Joseph of Arimathea took the body, and Nicodemus brought the spices. Together He was wrapped in linen and spices, and then placed inside the tomb. After His resurrection the disciples run to the tomb and find it is empty. But what else did they find?

They found the cloth which was around the head of Christ, was folded and placed neatly where He was laid to rest. But the linen which was wrapped around His body, was in a heap on the ground. Why the distinction?

Again, the head is in perfect order and position. But it was the body which was in disorder. What it was referring to was the same thing Jesus said about the birds and foxes. He was looking for somewhere He could place His headship, which means to be in order with the head. This is why He stated He is looking for people that are “without spot, and without wrinkle.” He was going back to the grave garment.

Once we have and understanding of the proper position of the body, we start to see things properly. For example, the only thing which ever gets anointed, is the head. It is from the head which the anointing flows downward and onto the body. Therefore if you are not connected to the Head, you may be talented, but you are not anointed. Which is why so much of the time the two are confused. Because if we say the name of Jesus, and have talent, this equals “the anointing.” It most certainly does not!

Which then brings us to the prophecy of Isaiah. “unto us a child is born, a son is given…and the government shall be upon His shoulders.” Why His shoulders? It is because it is not the head which carries the government, it is the body. But if the body is not in order, which was what Christ was saying, this cannot happen. The government of God is spiritual authority. This is the inheritance of the 1st born son. Which you now become. You are to become the Christ in the earth. To walk and be as He was in the earth. He gave us the example, and we never followed it. He said, “do what I do!” As the body, you have access to the Father in the same way Jesus had access. You can do all things in, and as, The Body of Christ. There is nothing hid from the body. There is no power outside your grasp, and no ability outside the scope of your new vocation. All darkness has to move from your presence, and there is no weapon formed against you which will prosper. All of creation was created to assist you in this one endeavor. The wind and the seas, are here to help in this task. You are, and always will be, the image of the original, and 1st born of the Father. This is your place in the earth! And you don’t need to wait for anyone other than yourself. It is up to you whether or not you choose to believe. It is up to you how much, how far, and how fast this becomes your reality. Or not…

All of this is why it is imperative Christianity begins to see the importance of becoming the body in spirit and truth, not just in name. Without being aligned, and not being in proper position, all of these things are just words for another people, in another era.

The best part about being the body, is the fact you can do it all by yourself. You do not have to wait for everyone else to catch the revelation in order to align yourself with the Head. If you truly want to be anointed, stop looking at those around you, and pick up your eyes. It will be at this point you become the place where Christ will rest His head. It is in this place where the “mind of Christ,” becomes your mind.

Remember, the kingdom of God, is at hand. That means YOUR hand!


1000 Years

October 10, 2018

I see a tree root which has been turned upside down. It appears to be withered and gnarled. As I am looking at it, the digits begin to move. I see now it is not a tree root, but a hand. The hand begins to make a fist, and then open again. On looking around, I can see nothing but craggy rocks with steam floating around. There is no vegetation of any kind, just rock upon rock. Wherever we are, it is high above anything else. It looks to be a land of total desolation. Set high in the rocks I see a small dark cave with a large flat stone floor in front of it.

As I look again at the crooked hand, I began to see the hands were connected to two very large black wings. They almost resembled bat’s wings, and the hands were directly in the center where the wings folded. The wings were connected to a very large ugly creature, who was entirely black. I watched as this creature pulled himself up and onto his feet to stretch. Whoever or whatever he is, I could tell he was asleep.

While watching the creature, I heard a voice say, “he has not been awaken in 1000 years!”

It was at this time I knew this creature woke for a specific purpose. What would make this thing sleep through the last millennia and not have to wake for anything, until now? I knew the answer almost immediately.

Several of you have heard me speak on The Great Awakening which is coming. I have begun to see this in a differing light. At one point I was thinking it would be like the movements of prior years, only greater. Which it may. But I have also begun to feel like it will be a move which most in the church cannot see, or hear. The Great Awakening will take place in the hearts of those who have felt the call of destiny. The signs and wonders which will follow will not be broadcast on TV by the usual folks. That is because those who seek destiny, know it is not about becoming famous. It is about Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. You would just as soon call yourself Jesus and disappear into the crowd, than you would like to have your face become the poster of a movement. This cannot be said for all. But it is true for the “sons” of God.

It was for this reason, which this creature was awaken. Some of you out there are casting light into places which the darkness has held captive since the beginning. This special envoy was given the task to stop that progression, and stopping you. 

But, to those of us who know who we are, and know what He has said, this creature means nothing! Get into the spirit every day. Allow the Lord to lead you into the places He wants you to see. Stay out of the places He has not directed you to be, or see.

Always remembering, you are the righteousness of God in Christ, and there is nothing formed which can stand against you!

As an afterthought, I looked up significant things which took place in 1018 AD. After all, this thing was asleep for 1000 years. So what happened 1000 years ago?

I found there was a comet in the fall of 1018 AD which was seen from Asia to Europe. This comet had a tail which trailed across 1/3 of the night sky. It was said this comet was an omen for the fall of several kingdoms, and would be followed by much bloodshed. This ended up becoming truth. 

While interesting, I am not a doomsday kind of person. What happens in the natural, is going to happen.

But I choose to focus on the finished work, and all that comes with it.


October 2, 2018

So much of today’s church services revolve around the act of the saints gathering together in the house of worship. After all, the New Testament tells us to gather…doesn’t it? Yes it does. When we gather it is important for us to edify each other for the purpose of fulfilling our individual, and combined destinies. But with that model alone, something very important has been lost. I would say it was more, misplaced, than lost altogether.

When most people hear the word “Bethel” they think of a building in California. I’m not going to talk about them, or what it is they do, as I have never been there. But what I do want to speak about is the original Bethel. Bethel is used 66 times in the 66 books we now call the bible. We read in the book of Genesis how Jacob is on his way to stay with his uncle, when he stops to rest in Luz. During this time Jacob is given a vision of the angels of God ascending and descending into the earth.

When Jacob wakes, he makes a declaration about the Lord “being in this place.” Jacob then calls the place, “Bethel.” Which means the house of God.

Jacob was so amazed by what he saw, he thought this place was the gateway to heaven. It is then, in this house of God, Jacob makes a covenant with God, and sets a stone as the pillar of the house.

Jacob leaves Bethel and continues on his way. All the time, keeping the covenant in his heart.

Would Jacob have ever gone to Laban had he known what would await him? It would be 20 years from the time Jacob encountered God at Bethel, and the time he fled Laban. It was 20 years of lies and manipulation from his own family. God never said anything about that when He visited him at Bethel so many years prior. Jacob was just happy to have seen the house of God.

But now, 20 years later, Jacob returns to Bethel. Jacob does not return the same man he was those many years ago. It was his pain and process which have now caused Jacob to see things in a different light. As Jacob returns to Bethel, he does something amazing. He changes the name to “El Bethel.” Which means, the God of the house.

Jacob has learned it was no longer about the house of God, but rather, the God of the house. This too is the lesson the church needs for today. We have made everything about the church! Instead of going through our pain and process and coming out of the wilderness mature, we have stayed and decorated the house. The house has now become the marvel and all those we invite to see it should worship at its alter. So not only do we keep ourselves from entering in, we keep others from doing the same. All because our focus is the house, and not the builder. When Jacob was in Bethel the first time, he laid a stone for the pillar of the house. Now, Jacob returns to El Bethel, and he builds an alter of sacrifice. This is the progression for all of those who lay hold of wisdom and understanding. 

It is now time for those who can see, and those who can hear, to change course. I know you’ve been calling it Bethel for 20 years, but now the fullness of time has come. You will now comprehend this God of ours is not contained in the house you gave Him. That only limits how He applies Himself to your life. You will now come to understand it was never about the house at all. The house was given as a stepping stone for the journey. Unfortunately it has become the destination. This is no longer the case for the sons/daughters of God! You know who you are…

Lead Balloons

September 27, 2018

I have found over the years there are several topics in churchanity which are kind of…off the table if you would. I have spoken on several of these things in the past with mixed reviews. But for those who know me, know I don’t let people’s faces change my direction, or influence what the Lord has spoken to me.

Let’s talk for a bit about one of those “lead balloons.”

Most of us were taught from the time we were saved about the concept of being born again. How this means, when we get saved, our old life is made new and we are a new creation in Christ. We roll both the salvation experience, and the born again experience into one. Are we a new creature in Christ at salvation? Yes, but here is what we have failed to recognize.

In order to be saved, what does the bible say? It says, “if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth.” It is a pretty straight forward concept. Enter, Nicodemus. Nicodemus confessed when he sought the Lord at night for instruction. This happened on at least one occasion. Follow the scripture and you will see it was Nicodemus who argued with the Sanhedrin not to condemn the Lord without a fair trial. When Joseph of Arimathea took the body of the Lord, it was Nicodemus who brought all the spices to the burial. There are other writings which place Nicodemus standing before Pilate asking Pilate to allow the Lord to walk free. When the Sanhedrin turned on Nicodemus (he was one of their own) and ask him if he too was a follower of Christ, he said yes! So as I see it, he was a follower of Christ from the beginning and continued on after Christ was crucified. Why is this so important?

It is important because Jesus told a SAVED man, that he needed to be born again. So if Nicodemus was saved, and Jesus told him he had to be born again, what does that mean?

According to the bible there are two men which you can pattern your life after. The 1st man Adam, which became a living soul after the flesh, and the last man Adam, which became a quickening Spirit. So there are two Adams, one after the flesh, and one after the spirit.

All men are born after the flesh. We take on this flesh because we are of our original father, Adam. Therefore you are born into this world with the desires of this world. To eat, drink, and be happy are base elements of this life after the flesh. So to be born in the flesh, to breathe air and eat food, this is your first birth. Everything which follows is a direct result of life after the flesh. Your lusts, ambitions, and fears, all line up with this first birth. The 1st man Adam and his seed.

When the Lord told Nicodemus he had to be born again, what was He saying? It starts with the 3rd verse. In order to “see,” or perceive the kingdom, one needs to be born again. But in verse 5, He states you need to be born of water and spirit to “enter” the kingdom. So there is a difference in seeing the kingdom, and entering the kingdom. Well, what is the kingdom then? Most of us have our own perception of what the kingdom is. This definition usually has something to do with the dominion of the King. This means where there is a King, there is a kingdom. In other words, the territory in which a King has rule over, right? Not so much. That is not what the kingdom is referring to. In fact the majority of the uses of the word kingdom are not in reference to territory or an area of rule. Almost all of the uses refer to the authority or power which gives the King his rule. So not area, but authority!

This means in order to even see the spiritual authority which was given to you, you must be born again.

Jesus then stated in order to “enter” the kingdom, one needed to be born of water and spirit. So what is the water referring to? It is twofold. The first is your birth in the flesh. When a women goes into labor her body prepares for the birth of her child. One of the very first things which takes place…her water breaks. After the water pours forth, the child enters the world and lives in the flesh. The next reference is at baptism. You signify your flesh dies and you are reborn a new creation. Both of these things happen in the natural. So believing, and being baptized, are being born “of water.” It is the salvation message, and in a sense, yes it is a “type” of being born again. But not the one Jesus refers to. 

When you take the water, and the spirit together, Jesus says you not only see the kingdom, but you enter the kingdom. So it is altogether possible to be saved, and never be born again. How? Because you believe in Christ, but you have not seen the finished work.

After this dialog about the kingdom, and the spirit, and being born again, Jesus gives us the most widely used phrase in the history of mankind. “for God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall have ever lasting life.” Again, in order to be saved, just believe. So the entire conversation in the opening verses of John 3, has nothing to do with salvation. It is what comes next! And Jesus decided to open with this idea of asking a saved man, to be born again. Therefore Jesus is telling Nicodemus not only does he have to be saved, but he must be born again. Not to enter heaven, but the authority which governs the spiritual.

Does this mean it is possible to be saved, and not have the Holy Spirit? Absolutely not. No man comes to the Father except by the Spirit. Which means it is the Spirit which leads us and guides us in all things Christ. Then how does the 2nd birth differ? It is that you are now going to live after the 2nd man Adam, and not the 1st. You are now going to perceive the finished work of the cross and live in the power (spiritual authority) of the resurrection. This gives one the ability to no longer have the 1st birth dictate anything in their lives. Again, gives you the ability. (But ability does not necessarily mean reality.) Which means the resurrection of Christ gives you access to bypass the 1st man Adam and become what you once were. Yes, you were from the beginning, just like the 1st Adam. It is in this place Christ has asked you to reside.

But that is another post…

Hez The King

September 19, 2018

Hezekiah becomes king at the ripe old age of 25. The bible says there was no king like him, before his day, or after. Why? That is the great mystery. Because it is said his father was not a righteous man. In fact, much the opposite. So how did Hez become what he became having no example to follow? This was nothing more than becoming his “father” David, and encouraging himself in the Lord. At this time in Judea/Israel there were many gods being worshiped. Hez’ father was an abomination before the Lord and caused his sons to “pass through the fire.” Yet Hez became the greatest king in the history of Judea. How?

Several years ago I told my oldest son there would come a day when he would have to make a choice to stand for the Lord when nobody else would. This was a very hard concept for anyone, let alone a seventeen year old boy. I asked him to picture himself on the football field at his school. In one end zone stood everyone in the school. His friends, teachers, and all else he saw on a daily basis. In the opposite end zone, stood him, all by himself. I asked him to picture that and tell me how he felt. I remember him telling me even though it was hard to see them stand against him, it did not matter who stood with him, because he had the Lord with him always. This is the spirit of Hez. It does not matter who stands against me, because I know who stands in me.

 One day after becoming king, Hez decides to take a tour through the temple. He meets with the priest and tells him he wants to look around. The priest begins showing him around and giving him the grand tour. “Oh king we are so excited you made it down. Over here we have the brazen alter…and over here is the…” The tour continues until Hez points and says, “what is that?!” They walk over and the priest begins to tell him how wonderful this brazen serpent was. You know, the one that God commanded Moses to create while in the wilderness. The priest went on, “oh isn’t this marvelous, one of our prized possessions which God Himself commanded and ordained. It has been passed down for centuries and we keep it in this special place of honor.”

Hez stares at the priest with his eyes of steel until the priest begins to sweat. Without a word Hez marches over, grabs the brazen serpent by the pole it was connected to, and smashes it into pieces on the ground. Hez looks at the priest and tells him, “it’s Nehushtan (a piece of brass)!” With the priest now speechless, Hez walks out of the temple. The priest is left with nothing more to do then sweep up the broken idols of yester year.

What swag this guy had!

The traditions of man have followed us through the centuries and have made the word of God to no affect. Hez understood that and the church of the day could not alter his pursuit of the Father. When there was nobody else, Hez called upon the Lord for himself. Which is why he destroyed the groves and the high places used to worship other gods. I wish more of the people of God would have that tenacity today!

So much of the things which we find the church doing today started with the voice of God calling someone to do a certain act. We look at what somebody else is doing, and see how the Lord is moving in that work. We quote the scripture how, God is not respecter of persons, and then proceed to try and imitate what that movement is. Just to be clear, it was a move of God to whom it was given. But it is now a graven image to you! “I’m against the prophet that steels my words from his neighbor.”

Without the proceeding word of God, we live on borrowed dreams. The traditions now race through the church so that even Christianity itself is in danger of “setting off Christ.”

Remnant, awake and cast down the high places. Cut down the groves which your forefathers planted, and smash the idols they have created and worshiped with their good intentions. Accomplish this, and you will reign as the greatest kings in history.


September 17, 2018

I love to be out in the woods and be a partaker of God’s creation. Whether I’m hunting, fishing, or hiking, it really doesn’t matter. My wife on the other hand…not so much. Don’t get me wrong, she loves to pick berries and mushrooms, but in each of those tasks, there has to be a clear destination. There is no way I can convince her a walk in the woods just for the sake of walking in the woods, is a great idea. At the end of the hike there must be berries, a high mountain lake, or magnificent waterfalls. This is something which is inherent in humanity itself. There must be a reason for doing whatever it is we are doing. When we set short term and long term goals, it helps us achieve those demarcations.  While all of that is perfectly healthy, and even beneficial, that is only the case in the natural. When it comes to spiritual things, none of these things apply.

Yesterday while I was worshiping, the Lord spoke something to me. He stated, “salvation and Christianity were not a destination.” He went on to state how careful we must be that we do not set a destination for our spiritual growth. He capped the conversation with, “there is no end to this journey, and those who seek the comfort of a destination, have ceased before they have even begun.”

While the Lord was telling me this, I was looking out of a window and watching people climb midway up this mountain which overlooks the city. There is a very steep trail which leads to a specific spot just over half way up the mountain. It is a very popular thing for people to do in the summer. As I was watching, I asked the Lord how many people went beyond the designated marker on the mountain? It was at this time I saw one person out of maybe dozens, who had broken free of the pack and began to climb to the top. Everyone else would hit the marker, and head back down. This was my answer.

In order to walk in the spirit we must be able to see. But at no time should what we see, become the destination.

Be One

September 14, 2018

I am truly amazed at the lack of knowledge concerning the bible. I keep hearing how the bible is important, but it is more about the Spirit. While I get what they are trying to say, my response has always been, why bleed for that which other men bled for? In other words, Paul, Peter, James, and John all bled and gave their lives for what you freely have in front of you very day. Why would you labor to come to the same conclusions, instead of taking that foundation and laying revelation upon it? The idea is the generational flow of anointing, and that cannot happen if each successive generation starts from the beginning.

I have spoken with pastors and leaders from all over the world and are amazed when simple bible takes them by surprise. Look, I am not saying memorizing every scripture, but at least grab some words in red!

I am not one of those who believes the bible is the totality of the Word of God. But the context and principles must be the foundation by which things are measured going forward.

That being said, let’s look at a simple scripture. Jesus prayed, “Father that they would be one as we are one. I am in them, and you are in me.”

We understand the Father, Son, and Spirit are all one. Jesus said, we should be “One, as they are One.” Jesus came to be the example for us in the earth. When He left, He said, “do what I did.” But the problem is our concept of “He left.” See most of us say Jesus left and gave us the Spirit. We get that because we know He had to ascend to the Father, and the book of Acts shows Him being taken into the clouds. What we don’t get is that Jesus said He would send the Comforter, and then states “I will come to you.”

Taking all the things which He said, not just the parts we like to underline, we can see the Trinity does not reside in the sky. It resides in you! The Father is in you, you are now the Son in the earth, and the Holy Spirit rests on you like a dove.

We say things like, “we are the body of Christ.” But at no point do we, or have we as a church believed this fact.

If we did, we would be One, as they are One! But the revelation is coming…

One Christmas Eve

September 7, 2018

I found myself on a covered porch looking through the front window of a Christmas decorated living room. I felt it was right around Christmas Eve, and it was dark outside. Snow covered the ground, and there was a light snow still falling. The Christmas tree was set up in the corner with the multi-colored lights flashing away.

Right in front of me was a woman in her 30’s looking out of the large picture window. She had her arms crossed, but one hand came up in front of her mouth. What I really took notice of first was her dress. It was old, 1940’s or 50’s and covered in flowers. As I looked at her, she was looking right past me without even knowing I was there. She was concerned, very concerned. She was almost to the point of tears and I could tell she was mumbling prayers as she watched out the window.

I watched her for quite a while and actually began to question why I was there. I actually came close to leaving. It was when I told myself I would stay until I knew why I was watching her, I was gone and walking down a snow covered road. The snow was still lightly falling and the road was dark except for the brightness of the white snow. I was only walking for a brief time when I saw lights in front of me. As I approached, I could see the lights were coming from a car, and the car ran off the road and had its right front tire in the ditch. I walked closer to the car and the lights bouncing off of the snow showed the forest around me. The trees were void of leaves and stood as the only witnesses watching the spectacle before them. He was literally in the middle of nowhere. 

A male in his 30’s was in dress pants, shirt, and his shoes were fancy wingtips. He had no jacket on and he was busy trying to dig himself out with a stick. The vehicle in front of me, I would guess as a late 40’s model sedan. The man did not see me approach as I walked up behind him. I greeted him and he almost jumped out of his skin. I could see the fear on his face and I knew he was in deep trouble. As I looked at him I knew he was going to freeze to death on this night. His fear of being alone in the woods was going to send him walking with no boots and no jacket in the middle of the winter, to look for help. I also knew the praying women in the window was his wife. I told him I would help him get his car out of the ditch. At which point he snapped out of the trance he was in. After removing the snow from around the front tire, I told him to get in and we could rock the car back and forth while I pushed. After several attempts, the car came free and popped back onto the road. The man leaned out of the window, or opened the door, I don’t remember which. But I could tell he could no longer see me by the look on his face. It was at this point, I was gone and back in my living room worshiping just as before.

One of the amazing things about this was not only did somebody’s life get saved, but it happened on a Christmas 70 years ago. Not only that, but it was the prayer of his wife which stepped through space and time and caused this to happen.

This was an amazing example of a walk into the 4th dimension of worship.

Read my prior post on 4 Dimensions of Worship if you don’t understand what just happened.

The Worship Leader

September 5, 2018

Several months ago I wrote out the concept of the four dimensions of worship. I expressly stated I was not claiming there are only four, but at least four. Enter… the Worship Leader. So what does it mean to be a worship leader?

Most of the churches I visit, or have been involved in, treat this position as “the entertainer.” I have found, “he who has the most show, gets the most folk.” Worship has become an offshoot of what we expect from Hollywood. We want a great show, and we don’t mind paying for it. It has become more about the talent of the singer, than the anointing of the singer. But unfortunately we have now confused the two. In the current system, great talent equals great anointing!

So what is the power and order of the worship leader? I remember when the Lord told me it was possible for the “worst singer, to take you to the farthest depths of the spirit.” Why and how? Because it is not so much what is coming out of the mouth of the worship leader, but their spirits. Their spirits are what is opening the portals into the heavens not their voices. But after this connection has been made, their voices now bring confirmation. This was eye opening because most of the time when the notes are off, or music is too slow, or too fast, we cringe. But when the music is to our liking, we are wrapped in the spirit and have a great experience. Why? Because we were entertained and it fed our understanding of worship. That all being said, it is possible to be both. We just have to stop looking at talent as proof of anointing.

But what is the leader of worship? First we have to understand that music may be worship, but worship may not be music. Somewhere along the way all worship leaders became about music or singing. Many years ago I stood in front of a church which was very “worship” centered and told them worship was more about lifestyle than it was singing. This was not well received! But the fact remains that worship is so much greater than our manifestation has become.

How is this reconciled? We must first come to the understanding that worship is not something you do, it is something you become. When this revelation comes, the worship leader now has the freedom to open portals into the spirit which allows you easier access to those same dimensions. It would be like putting a hand on your shoulder and fast forwarding you to a place you have not been able to access before. Then, after coming out of the spirit, the worship leader hands you a key and shows you how to get back to this place for yourself.

You now become the worship leader in your own life, and to those around you. But each time you come to church, the worship leader should be taking you to places you don’t know how to access. Or maybe, you just don’t know that dimension even exists.

Now, how do we get this ship turned? Ultimately it is up to the leadership in each church to allow this to come to pass. But as each worship leader finds this revelation, they can slowly bring those who believe to this place. They just have to make sure they don’t keep doing what the pastorate does, “if you come back every week I’ll show you what God is saying.”

It is about the 4th Generation! “my son Timothy, the things which I have committed unto you, teach to others who will teach others also.” In other words, teach the saints to find their own connection with the Father. Stop hiding the access, and start giving away the keys to the Kingdom! Freely received equals freely given!


August 25, 2018

I had somebody come to me this week and tell me they were approached by a “church lady” in the store. This lady proceeded to grill the person about where she was going to church. The person tried to relate the fact they were gathering with a small group of people, but they were not actually attending church. This did not sit well with this church lady. After all, you cannot forsake the “assembling together” of the brethren.

I have been in ministry for over 20 years now. At one point I was teaching pastors and leaders about kingdom principles so they could then take these principles back to their congregations. One of the most highly contested veins of truth is the “assembly.” Because without the assembly, the current office of pastor has no job. (Only because we have not been taught the office of the pastor.)

We have taught for centuries how if you do not go to church, you have forsaken the assembly. The ignorance behind this is that the church is not a place, it is a people. How then can I forsake myself if I hold to the truth that Christ reins? This idea came into play in order to keep the pews full. Why? Because the more people you have as a pastor, the more money and influence you bring. It also shows the spiritual success of the ministry, and everyone wants to be successful. I get it, I’ve been there! Now I’m not saying all pastors do this intentionally, they don’t. It is simply the pattern they were shown in their professional training. It is the model with which the church operates. Yet, it is never contested, and has therefore become a constant instead of a variable.

But to actually forsake, means something entirely different. It does not mean to simply not go to church. The word is the same word Paul used for stating, “Demas has forsaken me.” It means to utterly abandon or turn your back on. So just because you don’t go to church, does not mean you have forsaken the assembly. Not unless you have come to the idea that you don’t need the brethren, or the body. If you have not, then you simply do not visit the building down the street.

What would happen if we gathered every other week? Or maybe even once a month? What about every quarter? Would that meet our idea of gathering together? But again, the buildings would not full, and our Corporate Christianity could not survive.

I am not saying you should not meet every week. The bible states the disciples gathered together on the first day of the week…to break bread. But we will never be free from the traditions of men, if we cannot teach the saints to mature. Hoarding people into buildings, so we can get bigger buildings, so we can get more people, has never been about Christ.

Maybe we should start adding large fish tanks to our congregations and pack them with as many fish as possible. That way whenever we need to pay for something, we can go to the fish tank and pull coins from their mouths, instead of the pockets of the saints. But…do all that is in thine heart!