Alter of Obedience

June 3, 2020

Moving from the Door of Desire you will then land on the alter of sacrifice. While in the Old Testament (OT) this was where the priests would perform the rituals of the Levitical system of the current church, today the sacrifice changes. The sacrifice which is now being requested is not Christ, for that has already taken place. This sacrifice…is you!

You have now come to a place where life is no longer about what the Father and the Son can do for you, but what you can do for Him (Them). Life takes on a whole new appearance other than self. It is from this place where we find ourselves solely because our desire for Him has directed us here. Desire has caused YOU to become the sacrifice. This is where Paul’s words come into play. That you would become a living sacrifice which is your reasonable service. It also shows us a peek into the Book of Revelation. John says he saw under the alter the souls of those who were killed for the testimony of Christ. We have always taught these people were martyrs in this life. But I do not believe this to be the whole truth. Because the alter he was referring to was the Brazen Alter in the tabernacle of Moses. The alter of sacrifice. These are the men who have willingly given up their lives for the gospel of Christ. Whether in the natural, the spiritual, or both, your life is required of you.

So what does that look like? There is a huge difference between doing something because you have the power or strength to do it, and having the desire to do it. While looking at this sacrifice the Lord brought me to Samuel. The part where Samuel states… ”obedience is better than sacrifice.” The alter of sacrifice now becomes the Alter of Obedience. Not obedience because it is the right thing to do, but obedience because it is now your desire.

This desire to be obedient now brings with it the desire to trust. I have always thought I trusted the Father, until I found myself at the door of desire. I heard the Lord speak to me one night not long ago. He said, “I cannot trust you, until you first trust me.” Again, I thought I did. But what I found was my spiritual strength was allowing me to do all the things I thought was from me heart. It motivated me and pushed me to the things of God. While all those things are good, there is a better way. That way is desire.

Now with the desire to be obedient to my Father, every day is a day with purpose. Every day is meaningful because there is something to be fulfilled, and that has nothing to do with self. It has a foundation which states all the things around me cannot move me from this trust which I now have in Him. I no longer have to beg God to help me or provide for me. These are the things He has already finished in His Son. I just have to trust that He has.

Anyone ever found themselves at a place where you trust God…for everyone else. That was me. I had great faith and trust that the Father would do all these things. But I found I did not believe He would do them for me. That is because my desire was not in obedience, it was a desire for His work, or the work of His hands in my life. Not the desire of sacrifice!

Remember, no matter how much you want this, it will never match desire, so stop lying to yourself. Desire, sacrifice, obedience, and trust. These are the way forward for all those who seek Him outside of the first dimensional church.

Door of Desire

May 4, 2020

Several months ago my church and I were worshipping the Sunday night of Thanksgiving week. When we first started Sunday nights, we would just worship for a couple hours, then talk about what the Lord was saying to us, and then go home. This couple of hours turned into 5, then 6, then 7 hours of worship. We did not intent for this to happen, it has just turned out this way.

On this particular Sunday night, the Lord spoke to us and we all prophesied one after another concerning the same thing. It was a life changing experience, not because we all prophesied, but the content was what we had been seeking. Several years ago, the Lord told me that the only thing I needed to seek, was the “desire to love.” This has become a renewed passion for me, and those around me. It was this word that was the basis for what came next.

The Lord stated, “I call you to dinner, to sit at my table as friends. The dinner is Thanksgiving, and the table is peace. To find thanksgiving, you must first have a greater understanding of what I did.”

Now in order to really understand this you will have to find my post on the Tabernacle. Why? Because it finally dawned on us this word fell out upon the tabernacle. Only at a different dimension.

We found it was the door that was desire. In order to fulfil destiny, it would begin with desire. It became evident that there was a very large discrepancy between wants and desires. But this has become the great lie we tell ourselves. That our want for the Lord is desire. So what’s the difference?

Proverbs 30:15 gives us the basis for this desire.

“The horseleach hath two daughters, crying, Give, give. There are three things that are never satisfied, yea, four things say not, It is enough:

The grave; and the barren womb; the earth that is not filled with water; and the fire that saith not, It is enough.”

I will go through these very quickly.

Leech- If you are familiar with leeches you know that they a small aquatic blood suckers. But when a leech attaches itself to you, it will suck until its body size become 4-5 times larger than when it started. It doesn’t just eat until it’s full, it gorges itself on the blood.

Grave- I recently looked up how many people are estimated to have been killed since the beginning of the world. It was over 100 billion people. In all that time has the grave ever said, “I’m full.” Obviously not. It just keeps taking and taking with no regard to anything or anyone. Rich or poor, there is room in the grave, and there always will be. It can never get enough, and it is never satisfied!

Barren Womb- unless you have been in this position, you could not comprehend what it was like for a female in ancient times to not be able to bare children. The words “ give me seed or else I will die” come to mind. This is evident in Sarah, Rachel, Rebecca, and Hannah. They did not want a child, their desire was such that there was nothing which could temper or satisfy this desire. This passion and desire opened the ears of God on every occasion. It will never be satisfied until it manifests!

Earth- When we look at the rivers of the earth, there are some massive amounts of water which pour into the oceans every second. Yet no matter how much water goes into the ocean, it never fills up. It always asks for more. It is said you can go miles out into the ocean from the Amazon delta and still get brackish water. Then take into consideration the Mississippi, Columbia, Nile, Yangtze, and Thymes. The Earth can never get enough water. It is never satisfied!

Fire- Fire is the unique thing in which never goes out as long as it is fed. It is actually everlasting as long as it has something to eat. Whether people, places, or things, fire will consume them all, and never stop.

All of these things show us exactly what the difference between want and desire looks like. Until you drink His blood like the leech, receive like the grave, scream in your spirit like the barren womb, open yourself like the oceans, and consume like fire, you have not understood desire. It is actually possible you want the things of God more that desire Him!

So when we look at this we see Jesus and His desire, together are the greater part of the door. If you have Him, it is possible to get His desire as well. It is part of the finished work of the cross. It is also mandatory for what lies ahead of the church.

This door of desire is everything you have been seeking for. Nothing you have pursued, save Jesus, can compare to what comes after this desire!


April 17, 2020

It’s been about a year since I have taken the time to write. I decided to stop and go a different direction…again. This was based on a pull in my spirit from the Father.  I have become convinced there is a disconnect between the modern church, and what Christ did for Himself, in us. So I set aside everything to fast, pray, worship, and search out what this was that was building in my spirit.

I will once again find myself in immediate controversy concerning these thoughts. I want to reaffirm that I do not expect anyone to follow, or believe the things I am going to say in the weeks and months going forward. I no longer have the strength to convince people that my revelation is the best, so therefore you should come listen to me at my church. I no longer care about the numbers in the chairs in front of me. Nor do I care about having the newest and greatest programs in the church the Lord has placed in my care. What I do care about, is giving you keys to fill full the destiny you were created to do!

So why write this at all? Because there are some, who will understand what I am saying, because He has ignited them as well.

The Lord spoke with me concerning the “church of the status quo,” and how modern day preaching has been bypassed by His purpose for the day. We just cannot see it yet. So much of the modern church has become about traditions, not His proceeding Word. Can you hear a proceeding word? Not a word from the bible, pulpit, or the TV screen, but a Word from your Father. What is your relationship with Him? ….and have you added Him to your life, or do you add your life to Him? There is a huge difference. Modern Christendom believes “God is our co-pilot” and He comes along beside us in our walk. This has become the heresy of complacency. Which is where we will begin next time.

He who hath ears, let him hear

The Quantum Life

June 6, 2019

I do not claim to be a physicist, or a scientist of any kind for that matter. But I will say I have a fascination for quantum mechanics (QM). QM is a fundamental theory in physics which explains energy and mass at a subatomic level. It differs from classical physics in that classical physics describes these things at a natural level.

So how does the quantum level operate? Well that’s the mystery. Science will say they believe in QM because they can see the operation of the science itself. But at the same time, they’ll tell us they have no idea why, or how, these operations are being done. They just are!

It is similar to science being able to weigh the universe based off of gravitational pull. They will then tell us that 68% of the universe is dark energy, followed by 27% of the universe is dark matter. These combine to a total of 95% of the universe is dark matter/energy. What is that? Well they state they have no idea. They know it is there because they can weigh it via gravity. But have no idea what it could be. So the stars, planets, and all other items in the universe comprise of 5%. Funny thing is science has no problem with calling the invisible “dark matter,” and believing it is there even though it cannot be seen. But when it comes to spiritual things, well, that’s just a stupid made up fantasy.

Another operation of QM is called quantum entanglement. It is when two particles become attached in a specific way. These particles can be separated by any distance and they will still behave the exact same way. Meaning, place one particle in San Diego, and the other in Florida. If one particle is moved 1 inch to the left, the other one moves the exact same distance. How are these particle tied together. Again, they have no idea.

Lastly, an experiment was set up to observe these quantum particles. A board was set up with 3 vertical slits in the board.  Behind the slits was another board which was totally solid. The idea was anything coming through the slits would been splattered on the board behind the slits. They then placed an instrument which shot a particle wave towards the boards. This quantum wave came out of the instrument and headed toward the boards in what could be explained as a wave looking pattern. This wave was splattering all over the first board with the slits in it. No rhyme, no reason, and nothing special. Now this was all done in a room in which the test was not observed. They just set it up and then found the aftermath of the tests. Then someone had the idea to place a camera in the room and watch the test while it was taking place.

Stay with me, it’s about to get crazy! The camera was placed right in front of the board with the slits and looked directly at the slits. This time as the wave approached, as the wave hit the camera, the wave changed into what could be explained as tiny baseballs.  Each one of these baseballs were then changing their course to enter one of the slits in the first board. None of the particles where spattering on the first board. But here is the craziest part. It was not until the human eye observed the wave that it changed into baseballs. But, it did not change to baseballs at the point in which it was observed, which was directly in front of the board with the slits. It changed into baseballs starting at the instrument across the room. How is this possible???

In other words, scientists are saying the quantum particles must have travelled through time in order to originate as baseballs at the time of observation, and not the wave in which was originally sent out.

QM then states that since all things are made up of quantum particles, it is possible to take a football, and then turn it into a dinner plate by rearranging the particles. That’s Star Trek stuff right there!

So here is the reason I wrote this all down. Looking into the spiritual and the natural, we find the original intention of the Father. Jesus said He did nothing but what He saw the Father do. Jesus found Himself in a quantum entanglement type of issue. What the Father did, Jesus did. This leads to us today and seeing our relationship with the Father should be the same. To become entangled with the Father in such a way that you no longer have to wonder about what it is you are supposed to accomplish in your day. That is part of the finished work of the cross. The concept of healing, travelling instantly from one place to another, raising the dead, all within the finished work.

As I have written before, space and time, science and physics, do not apply to the Father. Which means in the finished work, they don’t apply to you either.

Science has now proven this to be a reality in the natural. But the church cannot wrap is thinking around something that surpasses its own understanding. We talk all the time about a supernatural God, only to say how none of the things I just wrote about, are possible.

But for those who believe, science just proved the power of your Father. Go be like Him!

Perception of Love

May 10, 2019

For most people the perception of Father’s love toward His children is simply a greater magnified version of the love we show to our children. While there is a vein of truth to this, you who know me know I am about wholeness. At this point, and over the next few weeks, I am going to try and blow up your perception of this love.

Recently I relayed how the tree of knowledge was the will of Father in order to show us His love in totality. This week I want to show you what this love will cost you personally.

Several years ago I heard a story about Albert Einstein. He was teaching a class of doctoral students when he heard them arguing about the existence of God. They came to the conclusion God was not real based on scientific proof. Einstein then asked them a question. “How much of the world’s knowledge exists in this room of doctors?” In other words, if all of the student doctors were to add their knowledge together, how much of the world’s total knowledge would be in this room. He then walked out to give them time to discuss this question. Now remember, these were students from all differing degrees. Some were in science, math, medicine, and philosophy.  He was teaching this upper level math class in order for them to achieve their various advanced degrees. On returning to the room, Einstein asked the class what they had come up with. The class stated they believed there was about 12 percent of the worlds knowledge combined in the students. This was across all doctrines and degrees.

Einstein simply answered, “since you have come to the conclusion that God does not exist by using your intelligence, do you think it may be possible that God exists in the other 88 percent you don’t have?”

Whether or not the story is true is of no concern to me. The principle is key. Which is, we need to stop telling ourselves how our doctrine is truer than everyone else’s. When we do, we make ourselves the all-knowing truth. News flash…you’re not! I guarantee Father exists in a larger understanding than you currently use.

This is why when people ask for my belief, I tell them, Jesus Christ, Him crucified and raised. Everything else is subject to change.

I say this so we can keep walking in this vein of truth concerning love. Shaking free from our perception that love is an emotion. It in fact, is not. It is an understanding based on Father Himself. While there is such a thing as emotional love, this is a human trait. Father’s love is all encompassing. Which means the emotion may come upon you, but that is not the wholeness of His love. And, if we happen to get greater and greater emotional love, this does not mean we are being perfected in this love. It simply means you are a better person.

So what does perfect love look like, and how will we know if we ever obtain such a thing? Let’s look at a few verses which give us insight.

Scripture tells us perfect love casts out all fear. So ask yourself, do you have fear, of anything? If so, you have not been perfected in love in this area of your life. How do we then get perfect love? Do we ask, pray, fast, read more? While all of these things are important to the overall health of your spirit, none of them will get this for you.

In order to receive perfect love, one must first know what it is. Again, it is not just a greater level of empathy and compassion toward those around you. While that is a piece, let’s find the whole.

Jesus said, “greater love hath no man than this, that he would lay down his life for his friends.” In this 15th chapter of John Jesus began to explain to them the concept of love. Did they get it? Not yet! After His resurrection, in chapter 21 Jesus appears to them at the sea of Tiberius while they are fishing. Peter dives in the water and swims to shore ahead of everyone else. But Jesus immediately tells him to go get the fish they caught. Peter returns to the sea and helps pull in the net carrying 153 fish. Why is this significant? Remember Jesus is now resurrected. Therefore He is no longer the Jesus they knew. He is no longer the Christ in the earth. Is He Christ? Yes! Just not how we still think. We still try and hold Jesus to what He was, not what He is! The 153 fish were very important for us to understand. In Hebrew, letters and numbers are one in the same. The number 153 translates as, “I AM God!” The Jesus before them was not  Christ in the earth, because the body now belonged to the church. 

It is at this point Jesus begins His dialog with Peter concerning love. He asked Peter three times if Peter loved Him. The first time He asked, “Peter do you love me more than theses?” These what? What are these? Was He speaking about the rest of the disciples, or something greater? Jesus was referring to the thing which Peter returned to when Jesus left. Peter returned to His old life, because that is what he knew. Even after three years of training, Peter and the rest did not begin to carry this new ministry. The road to Emmaus told us they changed Him from Christ to prophet, and returned to their lives. This was what Jesus was asking Peter. Do you love me, more than these? Will you push forward as the Body of Christ? For Jesus was no longer that form!

Peter then tells the Lord, YES. I love you! Jesus asked him again, and Peter again said yes. Jesus asked the third time, and then left it at this. But this is deeper than at first look. The first two times Jesus asked Peter if he loved Jesus, the word Jesus uses for love, is agape. The word agape is used as one of the many words for love in Greek. This word means a selfless, unconditional, sacrificial type of love. Jesus uses this word on both of the first two times Peter was asked about his love. But the last time Jesus changed the word He used for love. He now used the word phileo. This is the word which men use with each other to explain their kindness or affection to each other. It is the word we use today to explain the emotion of what we determine to be love, and by default, attribute to the love of God.

Here is what happened. Jesus asked Peter if he could receive and become AGAPE. Peter did not understand, so he was asked again. Peter thought he knew what the Lord was asking of him, but he did not. Jesus then asked Peter if he PHILEO the Lord. This was where Peter, and all the rest of the disciples existed. They were not able to understand what it meant to walk in agape, but they could walk in phileo.

The bad part is we as the church now think this phileo is what it means to love. While it is a part, again, we are looking for the whole.

So in order to find Agape, or perfect love, Jesus gives us the clue. After giving Peter the dialog, Jesus immediately tells Peter about his own death. In other words, in order for Peter to understand perfect love, it would require his life. This is why in chapter 15 Jesus told them,  “greater love hath a man than this, that he would lay down his life for his friends.”

In other words, “peter do you love me more than these?” The “these” Jesus was referring to, was yourself, and your life.

It would take Peter years before he could grasp the concept of perfect love. When this love was at its height, Peter was crucified, upside down.

This does not mean we will never find perfect love until our physical death. But it does mean you will never find it without being a living sacrifice. You can never obtain this love until you love Him, “more than these.” It will require your death, burial, and resurrection into something more than you are now.

That something “more” is the Body of Christ in the earth! Jesus is Father, and you, are Jesus!

So now, love like Jesus!

Be Hidden

May 7, 2019

Have you ever been in a place in which you ask the Lord..Why? I am going to explain why you are where you are, and why you have been facing these things. Sometimes, for year after year with no apparent end in sight.

In order to find present truth, we are once again going to look at an old pattern. That is the Old Testament. The story we need to look at is in the 22nd chapter of Chronicles. The chapter opens to tell us Ahaziah was made king over Judah. I want to give a little foundation on who he is and where he comes from.

At this time in history the nation of Israel was divided into two kingdoms. There were the 10 tribes in the north, which was the nation of Israel. Then there were two tribes in the south, which becomes the nation of Judah. Each of these nations were ruled by different kings. At this point in history the nation of Israel was ruled by a king name Ahab, and Ahab was married to the most infamous woman in history, Jezebel. According to the bible Ahab did more evil in the sight of God than any other king in history to this point. Ahab had a sister named Athaliah, who married the king of Judah and left Israel to live in Judah. Ahaziah was the son of this union. Meaning Athaliah was his mother.

In this we find the most evil king in the history of Israel and the mother of Ahaziah, are siblings. You will see why this is important later. In the 22nd chapter we find Ahaziah also turns evil, and only reigns one year in Judah. After his death, Athaliah kills all of the royal seed, and takes the throne for herself. Athaliah then reigns over the land as queen. The bible says Athaliah kills all of the royal seed. Which means she killed all of the baby boys. Which also means Athaliah kills all of her grandsons in order to be ruler.

Anytime in history we find an anointing killer, we find it is killing baby boys. Whether it is Moses or Jesus, evil wants to destroy that which can issue seed. How do we know it was not all of the children and not just the boys? Because Jehoshabeath was the king’s daughter and she was not killed. Jehoshabeath takes the last remaining male child, Joash, and secrets him away and hides him. For six years Joash is hidden in a bedchamber from Athaliah. But when Joash is seven, he is brought out of hiding.

This is where we will pick up this story. See Jehoshabeath was married to the high priest, Jehoiada. It was under his leadership and teaching that Joash was saved and saw past his infancy. Joash was hid for six years. Remember this is the number of man, and it is symbolic. It was only on the seventh year he came out and was crowned king of Judah. Seven being the number of perfection. So Joash was hidden until he was a man, and perfected in the ways of God. Was Joash actually a man? No, he was seven years old! But again, it is symbolic of what happened.

So much of the time we cannot figured out why we have come into this “terrible” place in our lives. It seems like nothing goes our way and we just cannot get ahead. What we have failed to realize is what has taken place. My father told me a story years ago. One night he was standing in his living room praying about his situation when he heard the audible voice of God. He said, “you will never know the will of God, until you first perceive the wheel of God.”

The wheel of God. What is that? It is the potter’s wheel. What happens is we get this idea that we want to be used of God. We then say, “Lord use me.” So He picks you up and slaps you onto this hard surface. We say, “ouch” and usually asked the Lord for deliverance from our situation. So the Lord pulls back until we get the courage to tell Him once again we want Him to use us. This is where the fun begins. The wheel we were thrown onto now starts to spin round and round and round. He we again cry out the Lord for help and ask Him to get us out of this situation. We begin to rebuke the devil and try to put him behind us and all of the other things we have been taught to do when things go wrong. Depending on how fast the wheel was turning really depends on how fast we can get out of this situation. When and if we can ever get past the spinning, things get tough. This is where the potter sticks His finger in your center so He can begin to mold you into something He can use. The sad part is we play this game with God for most of our lives.

But what is actually happening in this situation? We are rebuking God, thinking He is the devil trying to do us harm. Because we have never perceived the wheel, we can never truly find His will. We always have to have it our way, and in our time. Because of this, we never become anything other than a child crying for its Father. We then become babies who beget babies.

But when we understand what it means to be hidden, we will walk the hard path and not need to be seen. Here is what I am telling you. If you do not stay in the bedchamber, you will not mature. What is even worse, is that the spirit of Athaliah is waiting for you to come out. This spirit does not want you to mature. It wants to devour your ability to issue seed and carry on the spiritual royal linage.

So do not be disheartened about being hid in your bedchamber. The Lord ordained this so you would not be destroyed. He meant this for your good, not evil. His love is such that He saved you and set you away in a secret place, even when you could not understand it, or even want it. Your pain is all part of the process which begets your maturation. So take this time to grow up and become mature, not “kick against the pricks.” You must understand you have to be hidden away until the time you obtain maturity. For what would happen if your pride was added to power? Or luxury was added to your laziness? This cannot happen!

Stop rebuking your wilderness and refusing to perceive the wheel of God.

Because if you do, a couple of things will come to pass. One, you will never leave this wilderness and you will wander and die outside of the Promised Land. Or two, and even worse, you will get out of your wilderness with the help of another, and will never have matured while being there.

The first is pretty self-explanatory. The second is a whole different thing. When we look at the spiritual side of the story of Joash we can see what was supposed to happen based on the numbers used. Meaning Joash was hidden for six years, which is the number of man. This was to signify one must be hidden until maturity becomes your lifestyle. Joash was brought out in the seventh year to signify he was perfected in his maturity. Was Joash actually mature, or perfected? Of course not, he was only seven years old. So while the principles of the story were to be spiritual, in actuality this did not happen for Joash.

The bible says all the years Jehoiada instructed Joash, he followed that which was right. But when Jehoiada died, and his son took his place as priest, Joash had him killed in the king’s court. Why? Because Joash was rebuked by the priest for not following the will of the Lord. At this point Joash returned to his genealogy, and heritage. The sins of Ahab found their way into Joash and he followed the evil of his grandmother, Athaliah.

Since he committed this evil, a conspiracy was conceived against him. Joash was sleeping in his bedchamber when descendants from Ammon and Moab snuck into his room a slew him. WOW! Why these men? Remember Ammon and Moab were the descendants of Lot when he slept with his daughters. They were of the linage of Abraham, but kept outside of the promise. These two men were eternally on the outside looking in. They longed to be part of what they could not have, because they were not part of the correct seed. It was these men who took it upon themselves to correct the sins against God and the nation. Even though they were not to be part of it.  

Joash like many in the kingdom, will find themselves destroyed in the place they were conceived. The place which was supposed to be the place of maturation, will be their undoing. This is because they did not use the wilderness for it intended purpose. Instead of maturing and becoming better, they became bitter!

If you come out of this wilderness before your time, the spirit of Athiliah will be waiting. Use the time given to you for its proper place. Grow up into the Head and become the Body you were supposed to become. Be patient, and learn! You will find if you stop complaining, and start embracing where you are, you might be closer to the end than you realize.

Do not get ripped untimely from this womb. If you do, you will be a child most afflicted, and this affliction has a way of reproducing itself in others.

The Game-board

May 2, 2019

I am not into astrology or signs or any of the junk I believe is about bypassing Jesus. But I am into astronomy and signs in the heavens. I also enjoy the continuity of numbers which lay out in scripture. Not numerology, but continuity of numbers which lay down on each other in the bible. These signs were not invented by pagans and witches, they were given so man could see and understand Father. “The invisible things from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things which He made. Even His eternal power, and Godhead!”

Job shows us the signs of the Zodiac are not evil as some would now say. But they have been high-jacked for evil purposes. Read a book called “The Witness of The Stars.” Fascinating book which tells the story written in the night sky concerning Jesus and His virgin birth (Virgo) to His reign (Leo) and everything in between.

I preface this because of what I am to say next. For the last week I have been seeing the number 1 in sequences. Meaning 11111, 11/11/11, 1:11. I have asked the Lord to show me why I keep seeing the number 1 repeating itself in differing places. This is what I received…

I was standing in front of a life size game board. All of the players had picked their place except one other person, and me. I was the last to get a pick on the board.

As I looked at this other player, I knew he was the embodiment of evil. Unfortunately, he got to pick his place before me. As we stood face to face, he was debating upon which of the two remaining spaces to choose from.

The two places on the board were, The Age of Aquarius, and The Age of Sagittarius. Somehow I knew that the AOS belonged to me, but it was not my pick. So, I convinced the player to pick the AOA, and he did.

The male player took his playing piece and plugged it into the board. There was a swirl of wind and he turned into a female. This female looked like an Egyptian from about 2000BC. She then smiled at me and walked out of the temple, into the streets, and disappeared amongst the people.

I put my playing piece into the board and my dream ended.

When I awoke, I looked up the AOA. According to several gurus I found online, it represents an age which started on 11.11.11, and will be an age which lasts 2000 years. As the age before it was the age of power and control through hierarchy, the AOA will be the age of truth, information, and enlightenment. The prior age was vertical, and the AOA is horizontal in its actions towards mankind. The AOA is about letting people “just be” who they are. It is an age which will bring out the good, or the bad, in everyone.

So this evil female entity was now given possession over the AOA, or the age of truth, information, and enlightenment. The truth which will now come forward will need to be placed before the Lord. Just because the masses believe something to be fact, does not make it truth! Truth is going to be twisted in a way which looks appealing, and thoughtful. But do not be deceived, truth stands on its own. It will never take your side and will never prove your opinions. You either stand with truth, or not! Truth is constant and never moves from its rightful place.

I also looked up the AOS. This age will not come for another 4000 years. The AOS is the age of the awakened state and the healing of passions (desires).

I have always believed I was supposed to wake up the Body so it could become what it is meant to be. This will be done by healing the breach which was created between the Body and the Head. Which is why the Lord told me so many years ago, “seek the desire to love.”

All of your answers are also in this place of…love!

The Road

April 26, 2019

We have spoken at length about Jesus and His “second coming” and how this does not mean what most think. I want to share a story about one of these return trips the Lord made after His resurrection.

The 24th chapter of Luke opens to show us the women who surrounded Jesus went to pay their respects at His tomb. When they found it was empty, they ran to tell the Apostles what they had found, and what they were told by the angel. At which point their “words were as idle tales and they believed them not.” In other words they thought the women were delusional. This shows us where the disciples of Christ were at this moment.

A couple verses later we find two of the disciples walking on the road to Emmaus. It is by no coincidence the distance they were walking was about 7 miles. Remember 7 is the number of perfection. As they walked and discussed the events of the past several days, the bible says Jesus Himself drew near. As He began to walk with them, and listen to their conversation, He asked them about whom they were speaking and why they were so sad.

Most of history teaches how Jesus came to them in a different form. But that is not what the bible says. It specifically says, Jesus Himself drew near. So if in fact it was Jesus, how did they not recognize Him?

There are several factors in this question.

First, they were blinded by their preconceived ideas. Most if not all Jews came from two differing ideologies in this time. They were either Messiah Ben-Yosef, which was the savior who would come lowly and sitting on an ass, or Messiah Ben-David, the conquering Savior. But what both camps believed was the fact this Messiah would reign on the earth. I would even say the disciples came from the Ben-David camp. This is due to several things they said during their three year tenure with Jesus.  See…He was the One who was going to deliver Israel from the oppressors. It was promised He was a King and He would sit upon the throne of His father David and reign over the earth. Not only that, but more importantly, He was the son of God. The Messiah! How could this God King be taken from them? It just did not match up with what they had been taught since they were children.

Secondly, they were blinded by their perceptions. Perceptions differ from preconceived ideas in that one is from the past, and the other is the present. They just spent three years with the most powerful Man in existence. Where were all the promises that He said to them when He was alive? It is utterly unfathomable to believe that He could be killed, and taken from them. This man raised the dead, calmed the sea and the wind. Was turned into a transcended image of light. They heard Father speak from heaven and shake the earth. Demons trembled at His presence. That is not the way the story was supposed to end. He was the Lion of the tribe of Judah!

Third, they were blinded by their pain. They had just watched the love of their lives tortured and executed right in front of their very eyes. This was no lethal injection type of thing either. The Romans were very adept at what they did. They perfected ways to hurt people because they felt it was a deterrent for others. So when we talk about the science of crucifixion, it was brutal to behold. In all of this horrific act there are several facets.

History says there was a cohort of soldiers in Jerusalem at this time. A cohort consisted of about 600 men. These 600 men began to beat Him and pull out His beard until Jesus was unrecognizable. Isaiah looked through the dispensation and saw He was marred more than any other man in history. His own mother would not have recognized Him had she not witnessed the entire thing. Jesus was then flogged with the cat of nine tails. This was no ordinary whip. This whip had chunks of bone and metal pressed into the leather. This was so when the whip came down it was pulled back in a similar motion. This would cause the bone and metal shards to grab onto the skin and muscle tissue. It was not uncommon for men to die just during the flogging process. It would expose the bones on His spine and rib cage. The kidneys and intestines could and most likely would be exposed when finished. You would have been able to see His lungs rise and fall through the ribs. The blood loss was tremendous, and He was literally a dead man walking.

When it came time to crucify Him we all have this picture about what it looked like with Him on the cross. The first order of business was to nail the feet. They would put one foot over the other pointed straight down, THERE WAS NO STEP FOR HIS FEET TO SIT ON! As His knees were bent and the feet nailed together straight down, one by one His arms were pulled back and also given a nail. Most of us think the most pain He was going to feel was going to come from nails going through the bone. This is far from the truth. As His arms were pulled back, this caused a double twist to form in His spine. This means that all of the nerve endings which run through the spine began to snap one, by one. All of the bodily systems began to shut down because of this one thing alone. He was feeling the worst imaginable pain, and it was created by His own body’s central nervous system. As His legs would give out, He would start to hang from His arms. But this would put pressure on the lungs in which He could not breathe. It also caused the muscles in His arms to tear and form black sacks of blood under His armpits.

So when His lungs were on fire, He would push Himself up with His legs. The only support He would have is the nail that was driven into His feet. When this became too painful, He would fall again and hang by His arms. This, would again pull at the muscles in His arms and He would not be able to breathe. His lungs were filling with fluid, and His back with the exposed vital organs, was being scraped up and down on the cross.

It is from this place in which He yells the 7 utterances of the cross. “My Father, why have you forsaken me?” (But that is for another day.)

After the disciples look upon Him in this state, they were paralyzed and blinded by the pain they had just witnessed. Their last vision of Him was in this place in which no human should be seen. So it was no wonder, “when Jesus Himself drew near” they could not see Him for who He was. Not only that, but their entire identity was suddenly stripped away. They were promised a place with Him, and now He was gone. What were they supposed to do now?

This is where so many of us are today. Our pre-conceived ideas, perceptions, and pain have blinded us to not only His presence, but also His form. When He approaches us, we don’t even recognize who it is that stands before us. Therefore we walk through our lives waiting for Him to fall out of the sky and return us to the Father. What we refuse to understand is the fact that is what He already did. What would/could we see if we allowed our sight to fall away and reach into the spirit? Instead we, like them, “reason with each other” trying to make sense of what He actually is.

I read an old book about Adam which I have mentioned before. It was written about 1000 years before Christ and nobody knows for sure who wrote it. One passage of this book stated Adam’s reaction when he fell into a state of humanity. Adam said he could no longer look into the heavens and see the Father and the angels. He could no longer see the spirits around him because his eyes were now of flesh.

This is what Christ came to do. He returned your access to the Father and the spiritual dimension. But we have to lay aside ourselves and our eyes of flesh. Stop trying to see Jesus with your natural eyes and start to see Him with infinite possibility. Stop trying to make sense of what He tells you or shows you. It need not be dumbed down to your understanding. Trust Him to transform your mind so you can take on His character.

After all, this is why He meets you on the road to your destiny. And there are no stop signs on this road other than the ones you perceive! So in this 7th mile, open your eyes!


April 17, 2019

You will see the earth shaken and moved from its axis. Everything will be turned in-side-out, and stood right-side up. It will require everything from you, and take nothing away. You are not what you think you are, but you are what you think! Take your thoughts captive and do not let your soul steer the course. There are dark clouds on the horizon, but the Son shines through. This Son you are! You are the tree which shall not be moved. You are the rock which shall surpass time itself. You are the wind which blows where it chooses. You are the rain which waters all the earth. You are, born of the Spirit! Now live like you know this to be the truth for your lives!

Quite some time ago I told a story about how the Lord spoke to me close to 12 years ago and told me, “seek one thing, seek the desire to love, when you find that desire, I will come find you.”  

Well, a couple weeks ago I heard the Lord tell me, “if I asked you to do something, would you do it?”

My answer was obviously, “yes Lord, of course.” It was at this time He asked me why I had not done what He asked me to so many years ago. It pricked me in my heart and spirit and has sent me on a journey.

Of all the things I ask the Lord about in my life, and the lives of those around me, I had not set my face to this singular task. Seek the desire to love! I have since changed the way I look at life, and the way I pray about everything. If the things which pertain unto your life cannot be wrapped in love, they are not important for you to retain or give time towards. So as I looked for the desire to love, I began to ask the Lord to show me how I was to do this…simple task.

I was lead to the beginning of mankind, in the garden in which God placed Adam and Eve. In this garden was placed two trees which are given special significance. The tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the tree of life. For us to understand the love of God, we must first understand His purpose.

The things which I will say going forward will not be well received by most. That is OK. I am not looking for debates or theologians to tell me why and how this is not correct in their opinions. I am only going to say the things I was shown. Believe it, or not, neither is my concern. I just know it has to be said, and manifest in the earth. So much of the time our dualistic thinking of “us vs them” causes us to view the earth and those in it from tinted lenses.

So this tree of knowledge was placed in the garden. Why? Many have asked the question. The usual answer is that without this tree, man would not have freewill to make decisions. I have taught this for years. While I think this has a certain validity, I no longer think this is the whole truth.

Let’s ask this question. Do you think Adam knew the totality of God’s nature? Not that he knew everything God knew, but did Adam really know the character of God? Adam walked as a perfect being without fault. This perfect being would live forever under the guidance of the Father and never see death in any form. Therefore Adam saw the glory and wonder of our God in its greatest extent.

Here is what Adam could never know or comprehend. Adam could not understand grace. Adam would never feel what it felt like to obtain mercy or justice. Adam would never know the concept of forgiveness and redemption. Therefore Adam could NEVER know the wholeness of the Father. This was the side of God which Adam could never comprehend or obtain because there was no reason for it to manifest. Since that was the case, Adam could not truly know his Father and Lord in the light in which God wanted Himself to be seen.

Enter the tree of knowledge. God puts this tree in the garden and tells the “man-child” don’t touch that. Have you ever told a small child not to touch something? It is like putting a flashing sign over the object with an arrow pointing at it. It was at this point I believe it was God’s intention that Adam eat of the fruit. Not working the fall into His eternal plan, like we have always been taught. But this was the original intention for Adam.

Which is why before Adam was even created, or before the globe was spinning on its axis, the bible says Jesus was crucified. The Father’s plan was for mankind to fail, and then be redeemed by His Son. In the act of redemption, the children could now see the wholeness of their Father. It is from this place that both sides of God are visible, and from this place His love is truly seen and understood.

How do I know this? First and foremost, it is written! Then, it is the time I spend with the Father in the spirit. I don’t get into the spirit to feel good about myself. I go, and from this place I ask my questions.

Genesis says the tree of knowledge of good and evil was, “good for food, pleasant to the eye, and desirable to make one wise.” It was these things which the first man Adam obtained when he ate of the fruit. It then became these things which all mankind became a servant to.

When Jesus enters the world, He is led into the wilderness by the Spirit of God. Why? To be tempted of the devil. The Second Man Adam had to defeat the things which the first man could not. Turn the stones to bread- good for food; Cast yourself from the temple- pleasant to the eye; I’ll give you the kingdoms of the world- desirable to make one wise. All of these things did Jesus accomplish because there had to be a restoration of the fallen state of the first man Adam. This act did not redeem mankind, but it gives the spiritual sight to see God in truth. 

When we get to the book of 1 John he writes it like this. “love not the world, or the things in the world. For if you love the world the love of the Father is not in you.” John used the word Agape which represents the unconditional, sacrificial love of the Father. He was not saying you could not love baseball and hot-dogs. That is a totally different word for love. John then says…” For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.”

Lust of the flesh- life becomes about obtaining things, either food or objects.

Lust of the eyes- life becomes about being seen of men, and therefore honored and worshiped by men.

Pride of life- Becomes about obtaining power over men

All of these things are the same things Adam tripped on, Jesus set right and gave us the power to defeat, and you must destroy these in your own life. Once none of these things from the First Adam has the power over you, you will then see the love of the Father toward you in its entirety!

 This is the first step to revealing the love of God and its wholeness.