Mustard Seed

June 20, 2018

When we hear the words mustard seed, our minds immediately go to a passage which states your faith will be like a mustard seed. Which means what? We always say it starts small, and grows into something huge. This comes from the passage where Jesus is talking about the kingdom, by using the mustard seed. But the funny thing is, Jesus never elaborates on the mustard seed faith equation. We always assume they are one in the same, and He was referring to the growth of this thing called faith in our lives. Now I’m not going to say they are not one in the same, and I won’t say faith does not grow, but let’s look at it a little differently.

Ephesians 3 starts to lay this out for us. Paul starts to lay out the idea how things have been hidden since the foundation of the world. But, these things are now being revealed to the apostles and prophets for the church at large. He goes on the say the church is supposed to know the “many fold wisdom of God.” We are to access this wisdom by the “faith of Him.”

Most versions will write it, “faith in Him.” But that is not what the original wording says. It says, “faith of Him.” The crazy thing is this, Christ did it all! It has never been about your faith, it has been about His. So the idea is we don’t have access by our faith, we have access to the Father by Christ’s faith. This is where the mustard seed faith comes into play. Jesus tells us just to have the faith of the mustard seed. This tiny seed which is the smallest of all the herbs. What did He mean? He meant the only faith you need to have, is the faith which brings you to the knowledge of Him. It is then His faith which grows in you to become a tree. We must stop trying to increase our faith through more training, reading, or church services. This faith is simple, lay hold of Him, and move your flesh out of the way. This is why He said this faith only comes through prayer (getting in the spirit), and fasting. The two things which will move your flesh. The funny thing about a seed, is all of the genetic markers are already in the seed. It does not need instruction on how to grow, or what it will become. It already knows. It just needs the environment to be right.

The moral of the story…get out of your own way. Stop trying to figure out what God has done or wants you to do, and just move so the seed can take off.
Remember, your faith brought you to Him, and His faith will fill you with the fullness of the Father. Most of us tell ourselves we will never be filled with the fullness because we are just human. But Paul makes this very clear. You shall be filled with the “fullness of God,” and it shall be done by the power which works “in us.”

We just have to make up our minds, is it the tree of life which grows in us, or the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Because I promise you, you’re fertilizing one or the other. This takes the pressure off of you to have to perform. Because again, it’s not you, it’s Him. He made you, He called you, and He chose you, in Himself before the foundation of the world. Your part in this is just a seed, not a tree!


The Past is Present

June 6, 2018

We live by the word of God. How many times have we heard this? Unfortunately, this is the not the truth.

So much of the time we hear how the Old Testament is no longer relevant to the church of today. But what we have to remember, is the fact God is the same yesterday today and forever. While He Himself does not change, the way He deals with mankind does. So we can’t throw out the words of old because we no longer like what it says.

Let us look at a familiar verse, Matt 4:4. We all know this as the verse which tells us we do not live by bread alone, but every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God. What most do not realize, is this is an OT verse. Deut 8 tells us several things about the wilderness experience the children of Israel just faced. They wandered for 40 years for these reasons. God said it was to “humble you, prove you, and to know what was in your heart, and whether or not you would obey.” These four things were done so one important thing could happen. “so that you may know that man does not live by bread alone, but every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God.” These four things bring qualification into our lives.

He tells us the reason for the trials is so we can understand the proceeding word of God. See it is not the word of God we live by, it’s the proceeding word.
Let’s look at a story to bring clarity. Abraham was given a promise. This promise was 25 years in the making. When he finally gets this promise, the Lord asks him to give up this promise. God said, “take your son, your only son and offer him as a burnt offering on the Mountains of Moriah.” Abraham of course said yes. After Isaac was bound and placed on the alter, Abraham raised the knife to plunge into his promise. This is when the Lord said, “Abraham, Abraham, lay not thy hand upon the lad.”

This…would be the proceeding word. What would history have looked like had Abraham killed his son and promise? Here is what most of us do in our situations. “the Lord rebuke thee satan, I know what the Lord told me to do!” Then we kill our promise and live in death doing exactly what God told us to do! Why? Because we have never been taught to hear the voice of God. To know what His proceeding word looks like, and sounds like.God’s desire is to bring you to a prefect(mature)person. To speak with you like a man speaks with his friend. But in order to get there, there is a process.

This is where the wilderness comes in. Never rebuke the wilderness. Remember Jesus also faced a wilderness, and He got there by following the Spirit of the Lord. Don’t camp out in the wilderness, pass through. Your promises are important, but the proceeding word is so much greater.

And when all of this shakes out, you will find God has shown you who you are. You will be humbled, proven, heart checked, and obedient. All for the singular purpose of showing you the proceeding Word.

…you too can become the father of many nations, and all the earth can be blessed by your actions.

I don’t, You do!

May 17, 2018

A couple of weeks ago I was driving across the country and ended up in Iowa. Not much to see in Iowa compared to the Great Rocky Mountains of the west where I’m from, but it still has its beauty. As I was driving, I was asking the Lord to move in my life in certain ways. All of these things were in the natural realm concerning things of life and kingdom.

When the Lord spoke to me it almost took my breath away. I heard Him say, “I don’t have the power, but you do.” This took me back because I was not ready to comprehend the idea of the Lord not having the power of any kind, in any dimension. At this exact time I drove past a mailbox which had the number of “147.” For those who know, this is the number the Lord always shows to me when He is directing me.

It was at this point He began to explain. Power exists where? While this is a funny question, it is easily understood via the bible. We can go the Old, “not by might, or by power, but by My Spirit” and the New, “for yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory” to explain this. Where does the power exist? It is always in the 2nd dimension. We know in the 2nd dimension it involves both God and man. There are both natural and spiritual at work for the kingdom in this place. After this, I heard the Lord remind me how “all power in heaven and earth was given to Me, and I give it to you.” Remember, the 2nd dimension consists of both of these things, natural and spiritual. (heaven and earth).

So in putting this all together, power exists in the 2nd dimension, and the Lord gave us power over this dimension. Why? Because He said He was going to His father. Now we can understand why He said He did not have the power. It’s because we do! When the Lord returned to the Father, He stated He would return with the Father, and they would dwell in us. You are the body of Christ in the earth. It is time we started acting like we are what He said we are. We are no longer waiting for Him to “move,” but He is actually waiting on you. He told me if it was going to happen, I would need to do it. Most, not all, of the things I requested in my prayer life were in my own hands. If you want to walk in divine health, wealth, power, wisdom, understanding, love, peace, joy, and so many other things, then do it! It is not up to Him, it’s up to you. Take on the mind of Christ and let this be your reality.

Every day when you wake up, or go to sleep, stop asking the Lord to perform miracles in your life when it pertains to the kingdom. He told you to do it. In order for this to happen you have to wrap your mind around the idea God is not going to go to work for you every day. He finished His work, and now it’s time for you to finish yours.

With this knowledge in hand, I still questioned the idea that the Lord “couldn’t” do anything in the 2nd because He gave us the power. This is when the Lord told me He existed “outside of power.” Power was something needed to demonstrate authority, and He is so far past this we cannot yet grasp this understanding.

In knowing all this, let it become your understanding. Let the reality of the finished work become who you are. If you want to see the Lord move, stand up!


April 24, 2018

Most people have no idea what the Old Testament tabernacle was trying to represent. I’m going to give a short-ish version to show how it remains one of the pivotal factors in the earth today. This will be a little more difficult without drawing it out on a whiteboard, but I’ll give it a go.

A day is as a 1000 years, a 1000 years is as one day. Did it say a day was a 1000 years? No. It says it is AS a 1000 years. So how many days are there given by the pattern of God from the beginning? Correct..7. Since we have a total of seven days, how many days do we have from Adam until Christ? (Old vs New) Correct again… 4 days, or roughly 4000 years. So this in turn leaves 3 days remaining. What is the object that stands in time which separates the Old from the New? It is none other than the cross. It is the only object which changes everything in history. So we have 4 days before the cross, and 3 days after. (For those who immediately want to argue about how old the earth is, don’t. You misunderstand the spiritual and make it natural. Just like you always do!)

Enter Moses… build this according to the pattern which you were shown on the mount. God commanded Moses to build the tabernacle exactly as he was shown. There was a representation in the spirit which Moses had to duplicate in the earth. Why?

I’m not going to talk about the curtains, rings, stands, or the position of the tabernacle, but the furniture. The furniture becomes the focal point to what I am going to relay. The tabernacle was divided into three separate parts. The outer court, the sanctuary, and the Holy of Holies. So there are three separate dimensions to the building itself.

The very first thing we find when we approach the tabernacle is the door. Even though the door is not a piece of furniture, it is a vital point to the overall picture. After coming through the door, we find ourselves directly in front of the brazen alter. This is the alter of sacrifice. Priests would take the animals and lay them on the brazen alter and cut the throat so the blood would drain down the alter. We know this was done to roll back sin from year to year. Just behind the brazen alter was the brazen laver. After sacrificing the animal, the priest would wash off the blood in the laver to be made clean. Both the alter and the laver were made of brass, and were set in the outer court, or 1st dimension. Both pieces were made of brass, which represents “man.”

We next enter the sanctuary, or the inner court. This we call the 2nd dimension, and in this place we find 3 pieces of furniture. Along the north wall was the table of shewbread. The table was made of wood, overlain with gold. Along south wall were the candlesticks. The candlesticks were also made of wood and gold. The base was wood overlain with gold, and the candlesticks themselves were made of solid gold. Directly in front of the veil, was the golden alter, otherwise known as the alter of incense. This too was made of wood, overlain with gold. Like the first dimension, we have another representation of man, in the wood furniture. But this time, we also see gold, which represents deity. So the second dimension represents man and God.

After crossing through the veil, there is only one piece of furniture. The Ark with the Mercy Seat. This is the 3rd dimension of the tabernacle. While the Ark was made of wood, the Mercy Seat is where the presence of God dwelt, and it was made of solid gold. So the place where God showed His presence, was pure gold. Gold again represents deity. Inside of the Ark, were the tables of the law, Aaron’s rod, and a pot of mana. (Remember the veil is the flesh, and you must come through this to enter the 3rd)

1st Dimension- All man
2nd Dimension- Man and God together
3rd Dimension- All God

Now we can take the tabernacle and go back to the object which I told you stands in time as the only definitive game changer the world has ever known, the cross. “Out of Zion the perfection of beauty God hath shined.” See God does not exist in time like we presently do. He is a God who exists outside of space and time. None of the laws of physics or science apply to Him. Most of us think God cannot tell a lie because He is super holy. The truth is much greater! If God says it, it is no longer the truth we know. Whatever He says, becomes truth, regardless of our perceptions. So the glory of God is shining out of the finished work, Zion! The light hits this object in time which casts a shadow back over the Old Testament. Remember the law was a “shadow of things to come?” As this shadow lays back over the Old Testament, what is the form of the shadow? The cross! Now we have a cross shaped shadow laying down over the first 4 days. (Adam to Christ) As this cross lays backward it falls onto the system of the day, the law and the sacrificial system of the tabernacle.

As we now look at the tabernacle, we can see a much greater picture of history. The tabernacle represents all of the bleeding spots on the cross.

Brazen alter- His feet were like fine brass burned in a furnace
Brazen laver- Out of His side flowed blood and water
Table of Shewbread- He is the bread of life
Candlesticks- He is the light of the world
Golden alter- His bowels were moved within Him
Mercy Seat- He was crowned with thorns

Remember how the bible tells us Christ was crucified BEFORE the foundation of the world. The Old Testament is therefore the actual and spiritual shadow of Christ.

But what happens when we step through the cross? See most of us want to drag the shadow with us and make the cross and His death the most important thing in history. But actually it is His resurrection which brings the power of a new age. It is the finished work of the cross.

We are now in the direct light of Zion and outside of the shadow. This brings the new day we have sought for so many years.
We can now lay the tabernacle onto the remaining days of the week. Now we can see the 1st dimension (outer court) is the 5th day, the 2nd dimension (sanctuary) is the 6th day, and the 3rd dimension (Holy of Holies) is the 7th day.

So we have 4 days in the law, we also have 3 days in grace! This means the 3rd dimension of grace is the 7th day of God. This means whatever happens in the 3rd dimension, happens in a place or rest, just like the 7th day. It is also ALL God! While man takes part in the 1st and the 2nd, we do not in the third. This is the place where God does not use the hands of men. In the 1st we are doing the sacrificing, and in the 2nd we are making the flour for the bread, oil for the candlesticks, and incense for the alter. But in the 3rd it is all God.

With this factor we can see the church is in the second dimension. How do I know this? Because the book of Revelation tells us John was in the spirit on the Lord’s Day (7th day or 3rd dimension). John heard a voice behind him and turned to see who it was. He then sees Jesus standing in the midst of the candlesticks. He goes on to say the candlesticks are the churches. By this we know the church, is in the 2nd dimension, and John was in a place past the church. Yet most of us look at the church as the destination we need to get to before we get to heaven. What it should be is the school to take us on.

The truth, there is a place past the church. It is the 3rd dimension of grace, and the 7th day of God. This does not remove the importance of the church. But we must put it in it proper place, or church will become a graven image.

Stop living in the shadow, and step into His marvelous light!

The River

April 8, 2018

I was standing on an open plain. Running down the middle of this grassland was a small river about 30 feet wide, and maybe a foot deep. As a walked to the riverbank, I looked upstream and saw a man on horseback galloping down the middle of the river. This brought all of my attention to this rider, and his horse. While I was watching the spectacle of water spraying into the air soaking both horse and rider, I noticed in the near distance behind the rider was a wall of water. The rider on the horse was good at what he did. He loved his horse, and the horse was doing everything it could for his master to stay in front of the wall of water. I could see periodically the rider would reach down and pat the horse on the right side of his neck. The horse was running as fast as he could go, mile after mile. As both the rider, and the wall of water got closer to me, I could see the wall of water had the face of a dragon. The water dragon’s sole purpose was to engulf the rider and drown him and his faithful steed.

As the rider was pressing on I could tell it was business as usual on his mind, but he was also aware of the dragon in pursuit. So even though he was trying to carry on with whatever his task was, the majority of the energy he spent was on avoiding the dragon’s jaws. All the while thinking he was about the business of the kingdom. It was at this point I became the rider, and I knew it was I, who was running from the dragon. My leathers were worn, but still effective. I could now feel my horse under me and I somehow knew he would not give in until the end. Funny thing was I was not afraid, but I was also not willing to stop the horse. So in a sense there was fear, but not emotional fear. We raced toward a bend in the river. Coming around the bend I saw a man standing in the river in a white robe. This man’s beard was not quite half way down his chest, and was also pure white. In the man’s hand was a long wooden rod. As soon as I saw him I thought to myself, “It’s Gandalf!” LOL.

Riding past the man I knew instantly in my spirit this man was Moses. I somehow felt completely safe, like I arrived at where I was going. I pulled up my horse and turned to find the dragon continued to press towards us. At what felt like the last second, Moses slammed his staff into the ground and I watched as the wall of water split in half like a tear in fabric. The water parted on both sides of us and then fell into a calm stream once again.

I asked him what the river was, and I heard a voice which did not come from Moses. “This is the river of life.” I instantly knew in my spirit how all of my time, talent, and treasure went towards this one thing, the river. While I was headed in the right direction, all of my strength was spent on making it through life, instead of making life. Without spiritual sight, I felt the pressure of what pursued me, but what was oblivious to exactly what it was. For this reason and this alone, I was running my horse into the ground, and thinking I was in the perfect peace of the Lord.

I turned to face down the river again and saw there was a large pool which appeared to be where the river ended. On the other side of the pool was a waterfall coming down into the pool from a different river. On looking closer at the pool, it wasn’t really a pool at all. It looked to be like glass, and the water was falling into this large hole. Out of this hole the colors of blue and purple were escaping like gaseous clouds of smoke. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

It was at this time I saw a horseman coming out of the colored smoke and his face shone like the sun. I could see his armor plates and chain mail, the gauntlets on his hands as he held the reins, and his helmet. But he was so bright I could not see his face. At first I thought it must be the Lord, but I then recognized his horse. It was my horse, and the rider was me! Behind me was an innumerable host of knights who looked just as I. The entire army was marching out of the smoke and heading up the river of life.

I knew at this moment I had stopped running from life, and made the decision to start creating life for those of the kingdom. It was time to head into the villages strewn out along the riverbanks and take back what was given to the dragon so many years ago. It is now time to stop proclaiming victory, all the while retreating.

It is time to make known to the world, “whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!”

The Road

April 3, 2018

We have spoken at length about Jesus and His “second coming” and how this does not mean what most think. I want to share a story about one of these return trips the Lord made after His resurrection.

The 24th chapter of Luke opens to show us the women who surrounded Jesus went to pay their respects at His tomb. When they found it was empty, they ran to tell the Apostles what they had found, and what they were told by the angel. At which point their “words were as idle tales and they believed them not.” In other words they thought the women were delusional. This shows us where the disciples of Christ were at this moment.

A couple verses later we find two of the disciples walking on the road to Emmaus. It is by no coincidence the distance they were walking was about 7 miles. Remember 7 is the number of perfection. As they walked and discussed the events of the past several days, the bible says Jesus Himself drew near. As He began to walk with them, and listen to their conversation, He asked them about whom they were speaking and why they were so sad.

Most of history teaches how Jesus came to them in a different form. But that is not what the bible says. It specifically says, Jesus Himself drew near. So if in fact it was Jesus, how did they not recognize Him? There are several factors in this question. But let’s grab a couple of the major ones.

First, they were blinded by their preconceived ideas. See…He was the One who was going to deliver Israel from the oppressors. It was promised He was a King and He would sit upon the throne of His father David and reign over the earth. Not only that, but more importantly, He was the son of God. The Messiah! How could this God King be taken from them? Where were all the promises that He said to them when He was alive? It is utterly unfathomable to believe that He could be killed, and taken from them. That is not the way the story was supposed to end. He was the Lion of the tribe of Judah! They saw His miracles, and at least three of them heard the Father’s voice speaking to Him.

Second, they were blinded by their pain. They had just watched the love of their lives tortured and executed right in front of their very eyes. This was no lethal injection type of thing either. The Romans were very adept at what they did. They perfected ways to hurt people because they felt it was a deterrent for others. So when we talk about the science of crucifixion, it was brutal to behold. In all of this horrific act there are several facets.

Jesus was flogged with the cat of nine tails. This was no ordinary whip. This whip had chunks of bone and metal pressed into the leather. This was so when the whip came down it was pulled back in a similar motion. This would cause the bone and metal shards to grab onto the skin and muscle tissue. It was not uncommon for men to die just during the flogging process. It would expose the bones on His spine and rib cage. The kidneys and intestines could and most likely would be exposed when finished. The blood loss, was tremendous.

But this is not all…He was beaten by the soldiers until His face was swollen to a form which His own mother would not recognize Him. How do I know? Isaiah says He was marred more than any other many in history. Along with the beating, they took hold of His beard and pulled it out of His face until the bloody splotches covered His cheeks.

When it came time to crucify Him we all have this picture about what it looked like with Him on the cross. The first order of business was to nail the feet. They would put one foot over the other pointed straight down, THERE WAS NO STEP FOR HIS FEET TO SIT ON! As His knees were bent and the feet nailed together straight down, one by one His arms were pulled back and also given a nail. Most of us think the most pain He was going to feel was going to come from nails going through the bone. This is far from the truth. As His arms were pulled back, this caused a double twist to form in His spine. This means that all of the nerve endings which run through the spine began to snap one, by one. All of the bodily systems began to shut down because of this one thing alone. He was feeling the worst imaginable pain, and it was created by His own body’s central nervous system. As His legs would give out He would start to hang from His arms. But this would put pressure on the lungs in which He could not breathe. It also caused the muscles in His arms to tear and form black sacks of blood under His armpits.

So when His lungs were on fire, He would push Himself up with His legs. The only support He would have is the nail that was driven into His feet. When this became too painful, He would fall again and hang by His arms. This, would again pull at the muscles in His arms and He would not be able to breathe. His lungs were filling with fluid, and His back with the exposed vital organs, was being scraped up and down on the cross.

It is from this place in which He yells the 7 utterances of the cross. “My Father, why have you forsaken me?” (But that is for another day.)
After the disciples look upon Him in this state, they were paralyzed and blinded by the pain they had just witnessed. Their last vision of Him was in this place in which no human should be seen. So it was no wonder, “when Jesus Himself drew near” they could not see Him for who He was. Not only that, but their entire identity was suddenly stripped away. They were promised a place with Him, and now He was gone. What were they supposed to do now?

This is where so many of us are today. Our pre-conceived ideas have blinded us to not only His presence, but also His form. When He approaches us, we don’t even recognize who it is that stands before us. Therefore we walk through our lives waiting for Him to fall out of the sky and return us to the Father. What we refuse to understand is the fact that is what He already did. What would/could we see if we allowed our sight to fall away and reach into the spirit?

I read an old book about Adam which I have mentioned before. It was written about 1000 years before Christ and nobody knows for sure who wrote it. One passage of this book stated Adam’s reaction when he fell into a state of humanity. Adam said he could no longer look into the heavens and see the Father and the angels. He could no longer see the spirits around him because his eyes were now of flesh.

This is what Christ came to do. He returned your access to the Father and the spiritual dimension. But we have to lay aside ourselves and our eyes of flesh. Stop trying to see Jesus with your natural eyes and start to see Him with infinite possibility. Stop trying to make sense of what He tells you or shows you. It need not be dumbed down to your understanding. Trust Him to transform your mind so you can take on His character.

After all, this is why He meets you on the road to your destiny. And there are no stop signs on this road other than the ones you perceive!

The Horseman

March 15, 2018

So much of the time when we hear somebody say something about the kingdom, or revelation, we have this idea the person speaking knows all about what is being said. And…so much of the time those of us who speak about these things, want people to think just that fact. What we have not yet come to is the fact speakers are conduits, or should be. Paul said it best, “Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.”

Much of what I am going to say, I have not yet apprehended. I have knowledge of the existence of the content, but do not claim to have understanding. I know it is a reality only because the Lord told me. I now work through these things like everything else He tells me.

I rarely let anyone know who the writer of this blog is. That is for only one reason. I have been all over this country and I have taught and spoken with some of the “biggest names” in religion. This usually means saying things which others want you to say, not necessarily the things God is saying. So I created this blog in order to say only the current things which the Lord has spoken to me. I no longer need a platform and recognition in order to make a name for myself. You know, make the preaching circuit. The places I now speak, and those who contact me, only do so because they too have been led by the Lord to do so. The messages are not popular, and not for everyone. Simply because the traditions of men have made the word of God of no effect. So those who have an ear…hear.

If the cross gave us the power to become what we once were. What were we once? Ah yes, that is the real question of life as we know it. I have relayed so many times how the cross was not only about salvation, it was so much bigger.

What did Jesus mean when He said we are the body and the bride? We are now existing in a “Sleepy Hollow” type of reality when it comes to the church. You remember the story of the Headless Horseman. A man with no head rides around and terrorizes a city. See if the body has no head, there is no direction. Then, the city set on a hill becomes the victim to the same thing it created. How? The Horseman was a Hessian mercenary paid to destroy the Revolution and those who sought to be free of a tyrant. His head was removed by an American cannonball and he then began to haunt those who killed him. His only purpose, was to find his head. He hurt everyone who stood in his way of this one pursuit. Sound familiar?

The church causes so much pain in its pursuit of what they perceive as The Head. Only because they do not yet know who they are, and what it is they are to accomplish.

There is an old text which states when God created Adam, He commanded Michael to bring all of creation to Adam and worship Adam. Only at this time he was not Adam, he was called “The Image of God.” Satan refused to worship what he felt was the inferior being. So God cast satan into the earth. It was because of this the deep hatred began in satan towards mankind. So satan’s ultimate goal was to remove the image of God identity of Adam. This we know, was an effective plan.
So in believing this, what do you think God’s true intention was in the cross? Salvation only, or something much greater?

This is what I know…“know ye not ye are gods?” Obviously small “g.” You are a piece of the original creator. You are god! Only a very small piece. What happens when all of these piece come together, and then have a proper head? You are supposed to be Christ in the earth. Not as an individual ministry or church building. But as a Corporate Man. Walking and being Christ in the earth like He Himself already demonstrated. Like in the beginning, all of creation should bow and worship the Image of God in the earth. Jesus told us this same thing before He left. We just no longer believe like this anymore.

But…what if you did?

Art Of Worship

February 20, 2018

Anyone who enjoys history has taken a stroll through the ancient artworks and drawings of those who lived hundreds or even thousands of years ago. While I really love to look at these pieces, in my opinion, they don’t even come close to the talent we have in this day and age. Even the works of some of the greatest artists of known history, again, don’t compare to some of the unknown talent of today. Even the works of royal painter, Hans Holbein, have a kind of cartoonish feel to them. Hans was hired by royalty in order to capture their images and preserve their likeness. Again, great works, I just feel there are now better.

For example, I can jump on google and find relatively unknown artists who use charcoal or pencil as their primary media. I have seen some of these artists whose drawings are being mistaken for photos. The detail is so overwhelming as to capture age spots, or wet hair. I have caught myself just staring at some of these drawings in sheer awe of the talent and capability of the artists. I mean you don’t have to wonder if the artist captured the correct representation of the subject. They are exact, express images of whomever they want to memorialize.

Why didn’t the artists of centuries and millennia ago draw like this? Why don’t we have exact likeness paintings and drawings of historical figures like we do today? I mean the Mona Lisa is good, but it isn’t that good. (Please, no emails concerning brush stroke direction and the complexities of shading)

But we can grab just about any topic and say the exact same thing. Science, math, and engineering have all surpassed that which was. We can go places and do things once thought impossible to the human mind. The progression of mankind seems to have no limits of what can be achieved. This is virtually every aspect of human life.

….and then there is the church. I mean there are ideas which have come and gone. There are changes to how Christianity deals with non-believers of the world. But overall, as the world gains in its intelligence, creations, and power, the church has become stagnant water. How has this happened, and more importantly, how is it corrected? How do the sons of God become what we were made to be? Because I’m telling you, more of what we have been doing, is not the answer. So let us look into the spirit for spiritual answers, and not the natural.
One of the great problems of today’s church is the fact it believes the bible is the complete Word of God. We can see from the bible itself, this is not true. There were more letters from Paul, and other prophets of old. But we have clung to the idea it is the totality of God. I even have friends who teach in their religion how we don’t need the Spirit anymore because we have the bible. I have others who say, while we need the Spirit, the Spirit can’t say anything outside of the bible’s context of meaning.

To all of those who believe this way, I will not argue with you. I have not the strength or desire to bend men’s wills or traditions. I am looking for those who believe God poured out His Spirit on the day of Pentecost, not books! The bible contains 66 books compiled by a council of men. Here is the way the Lord explained it to me. 6+6 (66) =12. Six is the number of man, and twelve is the number of foundation. The Lord gave this book to men for a foundational tool. It was not a destination, but a beginning. It gives you the ability grasp the idea of, “Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” Yet at the same time, if you build outside of this foundation, you’re probably on sand. Hopefully you know how that story ends.

But it is up to the church to progress from there. Jesus said He gave all power in heaven and earth to the bride. Yet none of this power and love is our present reality. While the entire earth moves into a new day, the church is confused. We all know Jesus is not the author of confusion. And since HE is not…who is?

So, what is the solution? Let’s look at the foundation first. Scripture tells us Adam walked with God every day in the garden in the cool of the day. Which means it was the morning, and this was the first thing Adam did each day. We then go to the 7th from Adam, (perfection) and we find Enoch. The bible tells us Enoch walked with God and God took him. So the 7th man was taken because he also, like Adam, walked with God. The bible then tells us Moses would walk from the congregation out to the tabernacle and speak with God as a man would speak to his friend. This in turn caused the entire congregation to worship. Then we have Jesus, who said He would not do anything unless He saw the Father do it first. Which obviously means Jesus walked with God. Here is the pattern which has been missed, and misunderstood. What does it mean to walk with God, and what does that look like? For every Christian or Catholic will tell you they walk with God. So how then do certain men of the bible differ from us today?

Let us start with Paul because he is the closest in time to what it is I’m saying. Paul was a Pharisee, and not just any Pharisee. Paul was trained at the feet of Gamaliel, one of the most prestigious teachers and scholars of his time. In order to be included in this teaching it was not something you did a couple hours a day. Paul devoted is entire life to Gamaliel’s teachings of the law. Day and night Paul was instructed in a religion, culture, history, and law of his people. From the time he was a child until a young man, this was Paul’s life. Which was why he was entrusted to enforce this same law against the Christians. Paul made a name for himself amongst natural men.

Fast forward in Paul’s life and you find Paul stated everything he learned in his natural life was “dung” compared to Christ. All of the years of training Paul cast aside for what he now had in Jesus. You have to realize it was not just a school of thought, it was Paul’s entire identity, and he cast it away. Paul then brings this understanding into his life of walking with Jesus. Most of us spend our lives going to school so we can get a good job. That way we can have a nice house and enjoy life. Like Paul, ¾ of our lives are spent in the pursuit on this main stream identity. But in Paul’s later life, we see he turned this around. He now would apply his trade in his spare time. Paul would sew tents. See to walk with God we are going to have to make some changes in our lives. We are going to have to stop giving God our leftovers, and like Adam, meet Him in the garden in the cool of the day.

If we want to walk with God, something has to change. I’m not saying quit your jobs and stay home, but I am saying there has to come a re-prioritizing. What does this look like? You must connect yourself to His spirit every day. Sunday is not enough! Nor is every other day. It must be who you are, it must become your identity. You must be a young Samuel and say “here I am Lord.” Every single day.

This seems like a pretty simple concept, getting with the Lord every day. Look, for the past 20 years I have prayed and spoke to the Lord every single day. Not a day goes by where I do not express my devotion to Him. Not only that, but I talk to Him all day long. So, that is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about getting alone and connecting your spirit to His Spirit. A divine connection which allows the ebb and flow of that Spiritual force. Again, every day. I usually do this a couple times a week, and have done it for years. The Lord has shown me things which I will not attempt to relate at this time. It is really amazing! The question should be “why”? Why would you not then do this every day instead of once or twice a week? The answer is simple. I did not have the strength to not listen to my natural man. This man will tell you it is not necessary because you see and hear God so well already. What is the point of every day, and why waste time when there are so many other things you have to do? So you don’t. But a few weeks ago I felt the Lord tell me everything was going to change and I needed to understand how to walk with God. So I began to get into the spirit every day. I will connect my spirit with His and sit in His presence for at least 15 minutes every day. Usually this becomes an hour or better. But even on days you don’t feel like doing it, do it anyway. As I found myself following this pattern of walking with God, I began to see the things around me in a different way. So it is not so much the things I see while in the spirit, but the things I see and feel when I’m in the world around me. So, one day this week I missed this walk. I told myself I had been in the spirit six times this week and it was ok to just “do my own thing.” As I woke up the following morning I heard the Lord tell me, “ you made a commitment.” As soon as I heard this, I felt this dark heaviness fall on my shoulders. I was astounded as to how it was possible to awake first thing in the morning and have this meet me. I was kind of upset with the whole situation and began to rebuke the “spirit” which I felt trying to come onto me. It wasn’t until I went for a walk with the Lord that he told me what it was. It was not a spirit which was trying to lay upon me, but that is the heaviness of everyday life. It is always waiting to weigh you down so you will concentrate on the cares of this world. All this after only one day of not walking in the spirit with God. I began to wonder what it would be like, and how heavy it would be if I went for a whole week. I was thinking it would be overwhelming. But the Lord told me I would no longer even feel it in a spiritual way after the second day. It just became…life. So the average Christian walks around every day weighed down by the cares of the natural life. Absent minded about what could be, in Him.

The art of worship becomes really simple at this point. Make a decision to walk with God, and stick to it. There should be nothing more important to a follower of Christ. Having your spirit directly connected to His, all of the time. This will allow the church to become Christ in the earth, like Jesus intended for us to be.

Remember, it is altogether possible Jesus came to question your answers, more than He did to answer your questions.

Well Woman

February 13, 2018

One of the things I like to teach on is this. John states the earth could not hold the volumes of all the things in which Jesus did and said. If that is the case, the stories we are given, are much more than just nice stories about Jesus. There are depths in scripture in which we will never see the end of. It is dimension upon dimension of truth. So as we read, we must always ask ourselves, “why these stories?”

So let’s look at the Samaritan woman at the well for a minute. First the Samaritans. When the Assyrians came to Israel and conquered everything and everyone, there were a few Israelites which stayed in the Northern Kingdom. These were the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh.

Funny thing about these two tribes are the fact they were the sons of Joseph. When it came time for Jacob to bless his sons, he blessed Ephraim first. Ephraim was Joseph’s youngest son. So Ephraim was the last born, but the first blessed. Joseph would not receive a tribe in Israel, but would actually receive the double portion of his father via his sons. As both became one of the twelve tribes. Of a more prophetic note is the fact Ephraim and Manasseh were half Jew, and half gentile.

So, Samaritans were remnants of these two tribes. They worshiped the God of Abraham, Isaac, and, Jacob. While the Jews demanded worship be made in the temple, Samaritans worshiped in the mountains where their forefathers worshiped. This along with many other issues, caused great contention between the Jews and Samaritans. To say they disliked each other is an understatement.
Enter Jesus. Jesus’ disciples went to the store for some food. While they were gone, He decides to speak to a woman at the well where He was waiting. What must be understood is the fact He, a Jew, should not have been speaking to a Samaritan, let alone a woman.

Again, why these stories?

1- The Woman
A) There are several things in scripture which refer to a woman, but none greater than the bride of Christ. This woman told Jesus she was half Jew and half gentile by her proclamation of being Samaritan. Again this was a prophetic view of what was to come. The joining of the Jews and gentiles into one flesh.

2- Worship
B) This woman worship like her forefathers, but the established religion of the day told her it was not good enough. They said true worship can only happen under the bright lights and the sponsorship of the establishment.

3- Marriage
C) This woman was married five times, and was now living with her sixth man, but not married. The number 5 tells us she was a women of Grace/Ministry. The number 6 shows us she was in the dimension on man and pretending this man was her true husband, even though she herself knew he was not. So this woman who was given the dimension of grace, was living in the dimension of man. Sound familiar!

4- The Bride
D) This woman stated she was waiting for the Messiah because it was only He who could tell her all things. Jesus stated He was the 7th man she was supposed to be married to. The number 7 represents perfection. She then left her water bucket. Remember this was her reason for being where she was. She then ran to tell all the “men” who would listen, how she found the Messiah. The “men” were those who held the authority over her current state of worship. Whether in the hills (Samaritans) or a temple (Jews), the natural man will always try to control how you worship. On showing them who she now was, they too became freed from religion.

This “story” is a prophetic picture of what engulfs every generation. The church (bride), gets caught up with the ideas of making large places to worship and missing the simplicity with which worship was given. Jesus said at the end of this story how the Father was only looking for those who would worship in “spirit and truth.” The church is more focused on the dimension of man, than it is the dimension of the 7th man. Jesus found the woman in her place of thirst and changed her very identity. She was no longer the woman who was scorned for her relationships. This was evident from the fact she was travelling to the well alone and no other women were with her. Jesus has removed the scorn from the bride and given her the highest place of honor in the kingdom. If this is the case, why does the bride always look to the natural man for acceptance? Jesus is the end of all your thirst!

You must only believe it is so!

Why Cloakmen?

February 1, 2018

I wrote on this a few years ago but felt I would reiterate what it truly means. Let’s first go back to the old testament and look at what it meant to be anointed. When God gave the order unto Moses, He laid out the operation of the anointing of the priesthood. This would take place while wearing a garment. Not just any garment, but a gament passed down from a father. Which means the priest had to be covered in order to be anointed. Why? Scripture tells us, this was so the anointing did not touch the flesh. So as this garment was passed down, it had generation after generation of anointing oil poured over the same garment. This is the generational blessing that most pray for, but never understand it does not come via prayer.

So the idea of the Cloakmen is simple. To be covered in such a manner in which you will not let the anointing touch your flesh. You will not seek your own, but you will seek the Father’s direction on all things. It is not important for your name to be on the ministry you represent. Nor is it important for you to receive the recognition for the revelation which the Lord brings to you. The only thing which matters is your humility and love towards the Son. Your duty, is to walk in the kingdom as His steward. It is not yours, and it never will be. All things are for Him and unto Him.
Remember the conduit. This is your role in life. To allow the anointing to flow through you and into the earth. While it is impossible for water to flow through a pipe and the pipe to not get wet, the same is true with the anointing.

Paul was a great man of God. He bumped shoulders with the high, and the low. He knew all the church fathers and even took a major part in the operation of the church of the day. In fact he was one of the ones in which the bible stated he turned the entire know world upside down. Yet, when Paul was writing to the Philippian church he told them he was going to “send Timothy to care for their natural state because all other men seek their own.”
As we live in this life it is hard not to “seek your own” from time to time. But, in order to put on the cloak, this too must fall away. Remember this has nothing to do with salvation. This was finished a long time ago. This has to do with the dimension of God in which you will walk. This will be different for everyone. Some will be like unto Enoch and will no longer be visible to the human eye. Others will be like unto Samuel, and after they put on the cloak not a single word they speak will fall to the ground. We must step past our own understanding and reach for the finished work of the cross. Which means there are others, who will look and act like they are Christ!

For these reasons and many more, few will want to undertake this endeavor. We teach and are taught from the time we are young how we must conquer and possess the world around us. But the truth is much different. We are actually stewards of creation. Stewards of all that is God’s. But if you must possess something, possess righteousness, peace, joy, and love.

I’m not saying you can’t have things, just don’t allow things to have you.