April 17, 2019

You will see the earth shaken and moved from its axis. Everything will be turned in-side-out, and stood right-side up. It will require everything from you, and take nothing away. You are not what you think you are, but you are what you think! Take your thoughts captive and do not let your soul steer the course. There are dark clouds on the horizon, but the Son shines through. This Son you are! You are the tree which shall not be moved. You are the rock which shall surpass time itself. You are the wind which blows where it chooses. You are the rain which waters all the earth. You are, born of the Spirit! Now live like you know this to be the truth for your lives!


Quite some time ago I told a story about how the Lord spoke to me close to 12 years ago and told me, “seek one thing, seek the desire to love, when you find that desire, I will come find you.”  

Well, a couple weeks ago I heard the Lord tell me, “if I asked you to do something, would you do it?”

My answer was obviously, “yes Lord, of course.” It was at this time He asked me why I had not done what He asked me to so many years ago. It pricked me in my heart and spirit and has sent me on a journey.

Of all the things I ask the Lord about in my life, and the lives of those around me, I had not set my face to this singular task. Seek the desire to love! I have since changed the way I look at life, and the way I pray about everything. If the things which pertain unto your life cannot be wrapped in love, they are not important for you to retain or give time towards. So as I looked for the desire to love, I began to ask the Lord to show me how I was to do this…simple task.

I was lead to the beginning of mankind, in the garden in which God placed Adam and Eve. In this garden was placed two trees which are given special significance. The tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the tree of life. For us to understand the love of God, we must first understand His purpose.

The things which I will say going forward will not be well received by most. That is OK. I am not looking for debates or theologians to tell me why and how this is not correct in their opinions. I am only going to say the things I was shown. Believe it, or not, neither is my concern. I just know it has to be said, and manifest in the earth. So much of the time our dualistic thinking of “us vs them” causes us to view the earth and those in it from tinted lenses.

So this tree of knowledge was placed in the garden. Why? Many have asked the question. The usual answer is that without this tree, man would not have freewill to make decisions. I have taught this for years. While I think this has a certain validity, I no longer think this is the whole truth.

Let’s ask this question. Do you think Adam knew the totality of God’s nature? Not that he knew everything God knew, but did Adam really know the character of God? Adam walked as a perfect being without fault. This perfect being would live forever under the guidance of the Father and never see death in any form. Therefore Adam saw the glory and wonder of our God in its greatest extent.

Here is what Adam could never know or comprehend. Adam could not understand grace. Adam would never feel what it felt like to obtain mercy or justice. Adam would never know the concept of forgiveness and redemption. Therefore Adam could NEVER know the wholeness of the Father. This was the side of God which Adam could never comprehend or obtain because there was no reason for it to manifest. Since that was the case, Adam could not truly know his Father and Lord in the light in which God wanted Himself to be seen.

Enter the tree of knowledge. God puts this tree in the garden and tells the “man-child” don’t touch that. Have you ever told a small child not to touch something? It is like putting a flashing sign over the object with an arrow pointing at it. It was at this point I believe it was God’s intention that Adam eat of the fruit. Not working the fall into His eternal plan, like we have always been taught. But this was the original intention for Adam.

Which is why before Adam was even created, or before the globe was spinning on its axis, the bible says Jesus was crucified. The Father’s plan was for mankind to fail, and then be redeemed by His Son. In the act of redemption, the children could now see the wholeness of their Father. It is from this place that both sides of God are visible, and from this place His love is truly seen and understood.

How do I know this? First and foremost, it is written! Then, it is the time I spend with the Father in the spirit. I don’t get into the spirit to feel good about myself. I go, and from this place I ask my questions.

Genesis says the tree of knowledge of good and evil was, “good for food, pleasant to the eye, and desirable to make one wise.” It was these things which the first man Adam obtained when he ate of the fruit. It then became these things which all mankind became a servant to.

When Jesus enters the world, He is led into the wilderness by the Spirit of God. Why? To be tempted of the devil. The Second Man Adam had to defeat the things which the first man could not. Turn the stones to bread- good for food; Cast yourself from the temple- pleasant to the eye; I’ll give you the kingdoms of the world- desirable to make one wise. All of these things did Jesus accomplish because there had to be a restoration of the fallen state of the first man Adam. This act did not redeem mankind, but it gives the spiritual sight to see God in truth. 

When we get to the book of 1 John he writes it like this. “love not the world, or the things in the world. For if you love the world the love of the Father is not in you.” John used the word Agape which represents the unconditional, sacrificial love of the Father. He was not saying you could not love baseball and hot-dogs. That is a totally different word for love. John then says…” For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.”

Lust of the flesh- life becomes about obtaining things, either food or objects.

Lust of the eyes- life becomes about being seen of men, and therefore honored and worshiped by men.

Pride of life- Becomes about obtaining power over men

All of these things are the same things Adam tripped on, Jesus set right and gave us the power to defeat, and you must destroy these in your own life. Once none of these things from the First Adam has the power over you, you will then see the love of the Father toward you in its entirety!

 This is the first step to revealing the love of God and its wholeness.

Anointing (HAG 5)

March 25, 2019

When we talk about the anointing we always contribute that to the move of God in some fashion. So much of the time we will hear somebody who is very talented and say, “wow, they’re anointed.” Which means to so many, great talent from the Lord, equals the anointing. While that very well could be a possibility, they are nowhere near the same thing.

As we look into the anointing, we are again in the same verses we have been looking at for some time. The 29th chapter of Exodus. After the cleansing, the Lord instructed Moses to put on Aaron seven articles of the priestly garment. No coincidence it was seven articles. Seven as we know, is the number of perfection. It was then that Aaron was anointed with oil. What oil? The Lord gave a specific recipe for that manufacturing of the anointing oil. It was made from five different plants. They were myrrh, cinnamon, keneh bosem, cassia, and olive oil. These five (grace and ministry) things were added together and composed the anointing oil. While we could speak about the meaning of each of these plants and their place in the oil, I will bypass this to get to another point.

When the Lord gave the command to make this oil, He also gave a few other commands to go with it. The first was the anointing could not be put on any man’s flesh. Did you get that? The anointing could not be placed on the flesh. At no time could this anointing and the flesh be as one. We have come into an era in which the flesh rules, and the anointing is supposed to be used for the satisfaction of the flesh. How is this possible? It starts out as something of God, and once the anointing is strong on someone, they start thinking they are the gifting. This allows the flesh to come into contact with the anointing. Since the gifts of God are without repentance, the gifts are now used in ways which corrupt the anointing. This type of anointing now serves men, and not God.

Secondly, the Lord commanded that there should be no replica of the anointing. There was only one anointing, and it was for the priests and the tabernacle. We now see counterfeit anointing running around in the church. How does one counterfeit the anointing? This is the next step when you allow your flesh to touch the anointing. Everything you produce going forward, becomes genetically altered from the original state. It becomes the counterfeit you pass along. Remember Jesus rebuking the Pharisees? “ you encompass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when you do you make them two fold the child of hell.” As a corrupted anointing is passed through the generations, it brings with it the double portion, just like a true inheritance.

The last thing was it was forbidden to be put on any “outsider.” Meaning if you were outside of the priesthood, and later the kingship, it was forbidden for the oil to come into contact with you. This means not just anyone can have the anointing. If you did not have the proper connections, it was not yours to have.

If you were in violation of any of these precepts, you were to be cut off from the promise and cast away.

Now let’s look at how the anointing was applied. The bible says the anointing was poured out upon the head of Aaron. His sons, who were also priests, were sprinkled with oil. But Aaron, he was actually saturated with the oil. Psalms 133 shows us a better picture. It states the anointing oil is like the dew on Mount Hermon. Meaning what? Mount Hermon receives substantial amounts of snow every year. There is even a ski resort on the mountain. Each one of these snowflakes which fall on the mountain, melts and falls into the limestone, or runs off in streams. These melted flakes become the springs at the base of the mountain range, and the streams which flow down it. They all then merge to form the Jordan River. So from small flakes to a roaring river, so is the anointing.

It then goes on the say the oil ran down the beard of Aaron. His beard was significant in showing maturity. Which means the anointing could not be placed upon children. Lastly it is stated the oil flowed down to the hems of his garments.

As we get this all put together, it looks like this. The anointing is for those in the ministry and in the line of the King. The anointing can never touch the flesh of the minister or he will corrupt the anointing and the flow. The minister cannot try and create his version of what appears to be anointing, and he cannot give it to someone who is outside of the order. We further see the only thing which was anointed was the head. This is symbolic in that the head of the church is Christ, the Anointed One. This means you, are never anointed unless you are in contact with Christ. The shoulders, hands, or legs received the anointing because of their proximity to the head. Meaning, if you do not have a head, you cannot be anointed. Jesus Christ is the one and only thing which has been anointed. Your portion of this comes because you are touching Him.

As we look at the Mount Hermon example, where is the greatest flow of anointing? At the head, or the hem? It is the hem! Just as the snow falls one flake at a time on the mountain, only to become a river, so is the anointing. It gets poured out on the head, and rushes to the hem. So the greatest outflow of the anointing is not on the head, it’s the hem. This is why Jesus said “greater works shall you do.” He understood this principle. He understood the anointing would be greater on you, than it was on Him.

As we bring this back to the cleansing, Jesus also gives us this example. Jesus enters the house of Simon the leper, in order to be anointed by Mary. This gives us the example to see how after the cleansing, the anointing does follow.

So what then is the anointing? Acts 10:38 puts it like this, “how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.”

Simply put, it is the Holy Spirit in you, manifesting power out of you!

Without the outflow of power, there is a disconnect in your anointing. This is usually explained in a simple way. We have become a kingdom of words. Everything which the church does today, is based on preaching in some fashion. Preaching has become the totality of the church moving. To be quite honest, the best preachers, get the best crowds.

But Paul rebuked the Corinthians and said this. “the kingdom of God is not in word, but power!” He even threatened to bring his “rod” into their church setting.

Since we have moved to a word based kingdom, naturally the power element has fallen away. But, this is now going to change. The greatest change will be in the saints, not the priesthood. They are about to lay hold of something which those in ministry will no longer be able to quench. We will then find true leadership in the ministry and find out what this anointing is all about. Ministers of power will stand up, and saints of power will go forth.

As I close this series, I heard the Lord tell me:

“if you will make this teaching part of who you are, I will bring the glory, power, and spiritual authority upon you. You will walk as my government in the earth, and beyond!”

My final words on this is to remember the cleansing. It is of the utmost importance in staying pure before the Lord!

Cleansing 2 (HAG4)

March 21, 2019

“the truth is in the leper.”

Leprosy is a disease in which the nerves in the body are slowly being killed. Since the nerves are damaged, pain is no longer felt in certain parts of the body. This can lead to damage of the eyes, hands, and feet due to unfelt injuries.

In the OT lepers were considered “unclean” and were required to live apart from the congregation. They had to walk around with a veil over their faces and if they came into contact with another, they yelled, “unclean, unclean.” Nobody understood loneliness and shame like the leper. Cutoff from family, friends, and the promise which God gave to all the children of Abraham.

As I was looking for the truth behind, “the truth is in the leper,” I went back to the OT. When looking at leprosy in the OT it is very interesting how a leper was cleansed. In fact there is an entire chapter dedicated to this in Leviticus 14. When the leper perceived he was cleansed, the priest would go outside the camp to the leper and “inspect” him. If the priest found he was cleansed, the priest took five items with him to cleanse the leper. Two birds, cedar, scarlet, and hyssop. Why five? Five is the number of grace and ministry. One of these birds was killed over an earthen vessel which was held over living water. The other bird was dipped in the bloody water along with the cedar, scarlet, and hyssop. This bird was then set free.

This is very significant! The earthen vessel (body) and the living water (spirit) were to represent the natural, and the spiritual aspects of this cleansing. Both the flesh and spirit were to be cleansed. This was all done as a representation of what was to come in Christ. How was this done? The cedar was the incorruptible tree. This was said because of the longevity of the tree itself. The scarlet was the crimson thread which runs through all of scripture which represents redemption. The hyssop was the plant of purification. As the second bird was dipped in this mixture, it was set free into the air to fly over the field. Meaning, in order to truly be free, you must be free in body and spirit.

We can see all the aspects of what was to come with the cross. But what we keep failing to see is it was not only body which was cleansed, it was the spirit as well.  

After this the priest would bring a trespass offering, sin offering, and burnt offering. The blood from the trespass offering was used for the blood ritual which then took place. This was the same ritual which was used for the priesthood. They too had their right ear, right thumb, and right big toe covered with blood. They were also anointed with oil on the same body parts. So the priesthood, and the leper, were consecrated in the same way after they were cleansed. Here we see the priesthood and the ministry both need to be cleansed in the same way. This can then in turn be taught to a nation of priests/ministers.

 One would think leprosy should be evident of the cleansing of the flesh, not the spirit. But the truth is, it is both. If your flesh is not cleansed, neither is your spirit. So true is the opposite. If your spirit is not cleansed, your flesh will not stay that way. This is the truth of the leper, and the understanding which the ministry is missing today. This is evident because it is possible to have the totality of your flesh, and never sway in the spirit. This is only because your flesh has come from a place of total death and isolation. Only then can we find the truth and unity in the body, soul, and spirit.

If all that is true, how do we then cleanse our spirits? Before I answer that, here is a short story I heard a while back. I heard somebody tell a story about a vacation they went on. They took a cruise for 7 days…somewhere warm. When checking onto the ship, this person met a man who was very friendly. They struck up a conversation while boarding and talked the entire time they were in line. At the end of the cruise when they were leaving the ship, this person bumped into the man again. The man was asked where he was for the whole cruise as they never saw each other during the entire trip. The man stated he had enough money to buy passage onto the ship, but did not have money to eat. The man therefore stayed in his room the entire time and ate cheese and crackers and drank water.

The sad part of this story is cruises are all inclusive. This means the price of the ticket pays for everything. The food is all you can eat, and most of the shows you watch are also free. So this man paid for passage, but did not grab onto everything which came with the ticket. This is the exact story we find with the cross. Jesus paid for everything! But since we either don’t know about it, or don’t believe it, we don’t get it. It has been paid in full, and is just waiting for you to take part in the finished work. Once the ticket is in your hand, there are no limits to what can be accomplished.

This is the cleansing of the spirit. We believe Jesus cleansed our flesh, but we don’t ever think about our spirits. When looking at the cleansing of the leper, we see Jesus paid the price for both. All you have to do is believe He did it for both.

The bible says the veil which was keeping us out, was the veil of our flesh. When one looks at the tabernacle you can see this becomes completely out of order. The order is body, soul, and spirit. But if the flesh becomes the veil, then it takes on the second dimension. You now have the flesh touching both the soul and the spirit. The corruption of the flesh rubs on both. The flesh needs to be put in its proper place. Which is what the cross did! Jesus bled in all three dimensions. But now it is also time to clean this corruption from both. How, simply put, just believe and confess that is what He did! Do not get on the ship and miss out on all of the freebies.

Now we can see why Paul stated, “Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh AND spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.”

”Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

After speaking about the 3 phases of getting into the spirit, I now want to talk about the doors of praise and worship.

When we talk about worship, it has been misunderstood and mis-taught, that the destination or pinnacle of worship, is the presence of the Lord.  We have all done this. We get into worship and the presence of the Lord shows up. It is at this time we like to bask in that presence. We then start to seek the presence of the Lord every time. Which we should! But it becomes the presence of the Lord which we use to confirm, or measure our “position” in God. After all, the Lord would not show up if He was not well pleased with what it is we are doing. We now push our worship just to the point where we can “feel” Him, and then stop. We then tell people,  do not worry if you cannot feel His presence, once you’re “mature,” you too can feel what it is we feel.  We think His presence and His glory are one in the same. They in fact, are not!

What we have failed to realize is the presence of the Lord is not the pinnacle of worship, it is the foundation. It is the base level of worship in which everything else gets built upon. So all of this time we have patted ourselves on the back for “entering in,” only to finally realize we are not at the top, we are actually at the bottom of this worship elevator.  

Not to worry! Instead of just looking at where we are, let’s find some answers. There are two facets to finding the glory, which we have mistaken for the presence. In order to do this, we first need to look at the difference between worship and praise. To understand the difference, we simply need to understand it is about the direction in which these flow. Worship is vertical, and praise is horizontal. Worship is something between the worshiper and God. It flows “up” and unto the Lord, while praise is between two or more people. It is something we voice one to another. This is why on the Ark of the Covenant the cherubim face each other. Because it was a manifestation of what was taking place in the heavens. Remember the angels are crying “holy, holy, holy” for all of eternity. It was in this atmosphere in which the glory of God was manifest, and the creation of the world took place. It is also between the faces of these cherubim that the glory of God dwelt in the temple.

So when we skip praise and head straight into worship, we are bypassing the thing which produces the glory. When we praise God, He appears and He brings His glory with Him. We then move into worship and connect to His Spirit. Once we connect to Him, it is now we are able to speak with God as did Moses and Adam. But if we feel His presence and think we have arrived, there is nothing in which you can be taught which will further this experience. Unless you give up your understanding and truly let go of your ideologies.

So what does this look like? There are 7 doors to praise in which I want to cover.  These come from the OT and are the different words used towards God.

The first time in the bible the word praise was used was Gen 29:35- Judah was born and his mother said she would praise the Lord. This word was Yada, and is one of 7 different words used in the OT to describe praise.

OT- Yadah- to hold out one’s hands, give thanks, and celebrate

       Tehillah- Speaking the qualities, deeds, or attributes of God

       Shabach- to laud or commend

       Barak-  to kneel before to be blessed

       Halal- to shine, be foolish, to celebrate

       Zamar- to sing praise

       Toda- to bring a shout

All of these were a form of praise in which men would use in the company of other men. Praising the Lord, one to another. These doors are used so you can find your way into the glory. As you read through these you can see several of these we all use on a Sunday service. Here is what happens though.  Yadah worked last week, so we will push yada over, and over, and over until it finally opens again, and it will. The Lord will always come back by way of His promises because He moves in circles. We then get ecstatic because His presence is back again. Or maybe it is on a weekly basis, month after month His presence is there using the door of yada. Since we have found His presence, what more is there? So we never push any other door, and never learn the wholeness of worship and praise.

David was the great example of what all of these looked like. David would dance and sing before all men and did not care what anyone thought of him. Even when he was mocked for doing so. We need to learn to push on these doors before, and after the presence of the Lord “enters” our congregations. Once we do, we can then have pure worship.  

The first time the word worship is used in the OT is in Gen 22:5. This is when Abraham said he was taking his son up to the mountain to “worship.” We can see by this statement, there is a direct relationship between worship and sacrifice. The OT word means to prostrate oneself. In other words, to fall down before. Does this mean you always need to fall before the Lord? No, it doesn’t. It was trying to specify that one needed to act like the sacrifice who was coming before the Lord. The psalmist wrote in Ps 132 that he went unto the footstool to worship. What was the footstool? It was the brazen alter, or the alter of sacrifice. Remember Jesus, whose feet were like fine brass burned in a furnace? So the act of worship and sacrifice should be one in the same. This is where the act of the cross is significant. It is the vertical and horizontal positions which created the cross itself. The sacrifice of Christ was the ultimate manifestation of worship and praise.

Remember what does it take to constitute worship, it is the direction in which it flows. Therefore, all of the things which were used in praise, can also be used for worship. They are now directed at the Lord, and not just about the Lord.

So to sum all of this up. I first clear my mind and find that quiet place for a few minutes. I then begin to praise God, sometimes it is just me and Jesus doing this. When the presence appears, I begin to worship until the glory arrives. At this point there is nothing else I can tell you, except there is nothing that you cannot see, hear, or do, in this place.

It was from here Moses saw the creation, and from here John saw the end! The rest is up to you!

Into The Spirit

March 7, 2019

The ministry which the Lord has given my wife and I revolves around taking Christians, and making them the leaders of today in the spirit. This is done by showing them truth. The simplest truth of all, is they were not meant to “sit” in a church, they actually are the church. Which means the maturation of the saints is of the utmost importance in the kingdom.

In order for this to become a reality, one must learn to “get into” the spirit on a consistent basis. To walk and talk with God about all things. This is not a once a week idea where we think Sunday morning suffices. It becomes your life style, and worship becomes your vehicle.

After teaching these principles to so many. It came to my attention recently that there are Christians who do not know how to get into the spirit. I had taken for granted that this was something all Christians, who have been with the Lord for a significant amount of time, were aware of. Aware of His presence, and His voice. The ebbs and flows of the spirit as He interacts with His people. I mean… what have we been doing all this time while we worship? Meanwhile, I have been telling people to get into the spirit, and a portion of those would just nod, or say ok. But in actuality they had no idea what I was talking about. They were too embarrassed to seek clarification because it is just thought, Christians already know how.

But I recently had a young man finally ask me, “can you show me?” At first I was taken back by the question. Which was due to my perception. But the Lord finally broke through my hard head, and it was at this time He began to tell me I needed to go back to the basics and show people how to get into the spirit. Not just feel His presence, but actually interact with His spirit. To see, hear, and fellowship with His Spirit. To actually walk with Jesus as Paul did after the death of Christ.

So here goes. This is what the Lord showed me so many years ago. Is this the only way to get into the spirit? Obviously not. But this works, and it works all the time.

First, you need to get into a place where you can clear your mind. This means any thought you have, needs to be pushed away until there is literally nothing in your head. You are literally bringing every thought captive. When you start this, you will think your mind is being bombarded with everything from cooking dinner, to a show you watched on TV. But the truth is, they did not just show up, they have always been there. This is what is taking place subconsciously as you walk through your life. All of this chaos is racing around in your spirits and you wonder why things are so stressful all the time. We then try to “worship” by pushing through these things. It is no wonder why our minds wander when we worship. The chaos of life has taken over our spirits unknowingly.

I look at this first step as if a helicopter were going to land in the forest. Everything needs to be cleared back so the chopper can make a safe landing. Anything which would interfere, or impede this process, needs to go. Once you clear your mind, try and stay in this place for about 5-15 minutes. When you first start, you’ll be doing good to get 60 seconds. After you can clear your mind on a continuous basis, and can move all the obstructions, part 2!

Part 2 is when you start to worship. This is when you start to speak His character back to Him. “You are holy, blessed be the name of God, glory-glory-glory.” Whatever you need to say in order to make the connection back to Christ. You will keep doing this until you come into His presence. It can vary from almost immediately, to 30 minutes or more. There is no rule or law to follow for this. Once His Spirit begins to interact with yours, part 3.

Part 3 is when you let go and open your spirit directly to His. It is from this place that the limits are gone! You may have open visions, or take a walk in the spirit. But it is from this place that you want to ask all of your questions. From this place you will ask for His direction, His truth, His understanding, and the guidance you need in both the natural, and the spiritual. We must stop complaining about not hearing the Lord when we are the ones who refuse to seek Him. We complain about our circumstances in life, our disconnect from Him, and the absence of guidance. But the truth, He is always in this place waiting for you to show up. Waiting for you to take hold of His promises for your life. But if we cannot hear Him, we will never know these promises. Therefore they will never be applied to our lives.

You want to walk with God. It is as simple as this. Do this, and do it often. At a very bare minimum, once a day. You will be tempted to skip the quiet time and skip straight to the worship portion. But DO NOT do this. I began doing this several years ago because it became so easy to just enter into the spirit and speak with Him. After years of doing this, the Lord urged me to go back to the quiet time. I thought that was weird because I did not need that anymore. As I entered the quiet time, I found out how many things had entered my spirit and were swirling around causing all kinds of distractions and chaos. I was unaware they were even there. I just powered through them to enter the spirit. Since I did this, I was oblivious to their existence. I now go through the quiet phase every time I worship.

Have fun with this. Let me know if you need help!

Cleansing 1

March 2, 2019

I began this series by focusing on the third portion of the ordination of the priesthood. I wanted to show the importance on what it means to come into the finished work as a minister of the gospel, and not just a saved saint. But after speaking on this third portion, the Lord spoke to me and informed me that I “missed” the key foundational elements. I began this with the idea that we in the New Covenant (NC) are all kings and priests and these principles therefore belonged to all of those in the NC. While I still believe this, there is still a differentiation between those in ministry, and the saints. Meaning, all ministers are saints, but not all saints are in the office of ministry. That does not take away from the fact that all saints do have a ministry. They may just not be part of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher offices.

We see in the OT there are differentiations between the cleansing of the priesthood, the Levites, and then the nation of people. All three groups had a separate sacrifice and cleansing. As the Lord showed this to me, we can see how they are similar, yet completely separate.

This brings us to the NC and the work of the cross. For all those who believe, and confess, they find themselves whole and cleansed in the blood of Christ. This means all who are in Christ, are saints of Christ, and therefore washed in His blood. We are a Holy Nation and one in Him.

But again, just because all ministers are saints, does not mean all saints are of the ministry (5-fold). As we follow this in the “shadow,” we again see there were totally separate cleansings for the nation, and the priesthood. It was only the priesthood which had the blood ritual of the ear, thumb, and big toe.

Am I therefore trying to say there needs to be a different sacrifice for the ministry than the saints? Obviously not, Christ was once smitten! So what did the Lord mean when He told me I missed the cleansing and anointing portion for ministry? In order to see this, we first have to see there is a differentiation between the saints and the ministry as far as the offices are concerned. Paul makes this clear in both Timothy and Titus when he lays out the requirements for a Bishop. There were no such requirements to be a saint.

How then can we be cleansed as a saint, but maybe not for the office of ministry? Herein lies the issue for ministers today. For example, research released in 2018 shows 68 percent of Christian males, 76 percent of young Christian adults (male & female), and 50 percent of pastors are addicted to watching porn. This is just one facet of immorality. How can all of these numbers be so staggering, especially for those who are ministry? It is because all of Christianity are using the same cleansing, both saints, and ministers. It is the cleansing of the flesh and putting away the “old man.”

But Hebrews tells us that any man taken from among men, to be a high priest over men, must offer both a sacrifice for himself, as well as the people. He must be compassionate on those who are ignorant and out of the way, because he himself is compassed with infirmity.  In other words the priesthood has been surrounded with unstable and infirm situations, and still comes through it. He carries the issues for himself, as well as his people. Not only this, but while the people could sacrifice many things for sins, the priesthood was required to sacrifice a bull. A bull has more blood per pound of flesh than any animal on earth.

This is why Paul stated: “my little children in whom I travail in birth again until Christ is formed in you.” And again he said, “I am a minister who now rejoices in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body’s sake, which is the church.” Paul was carrying something that the saints were not yet able to understand. What was it that he was having to do, and carry which the saints could not yet comprehend? This is where we come to the cleansing of the priesthood, not the saints. The ministry was given to the church to be mature examples as to what they were to become.

What we see in Ex 29 is the very first thing God tells Moses concerning the priesthood was the need to be cleansed in water. According to the like-as principle, we can therefore see the priests were not only cleansed in body, but also spirit. Paul makes this same distinction toward the Corinthians, “Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh AND spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” Who is the “US” Paul was referring to? When you read through this, you see Paul was referencing himself and those ministering with him, as well as the Corinthians. 

So while we have told all saints how they need to cleanse themselves from the evil things of the flesh, and since those in ministry are the saints as well, they attempt to do likewise. But the ministry has never been taught to cleanse their spirits. Therefore they cannot teach anyone else to follow their lead. Because of this, the ministry continues to find itself in the same earthly trappings as all saints. But spiritually they are carrying more than the average saint. Which means not only can they not find their way out of this corruption, they will never be able to lead others to do the same. In fact, it is a quietly kept secret in ministry circles. Which is why there are rehab centers and sabbaticals for burnt out ministers. If you are in ministry you understand this, and may have been through this. Usually the ministers are propped up and sent back with encouraging words and “tools” for coping. But the root has never been addressed, and nothing changes. 

Remember when Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for this same action. “Shutting up the kingdom of heaven against men.” Jesus was referencing  the act of not going into the deep places of God, and keeping others from going there as well. Jesus goes on to say, “you encompass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, you make him two fold the child of hell.” Sound familiar! There is no way out of this vicious circle without understanding the cleansing of the spirit. Again, there is a difference in ceasing the sinful works of the flesh, and cleansing the spirit. You must do both! Unfortunately most think their spirits are cleansed, just because they are spirits. This is the underlying issue. 

Now let’s look at what it means to cleanse your spirit. As I was asking the Lord about this, I heard Him tell me “the truth is in the leper.” So let’s look at this…

HAG pt 2

February 19, 2019

For part two of H.A.G I want to move into some examples in the NT about what this does, or does not look like. While it is easy to point fingers at the mistakes of others and totally ignore our own, I am going to look at several of those mistakes in the NT. The reason for this is so we can look at what it is I am trying to say if HAG is not applied in ministry. For this, let’s talk about Peter.

We all love Peter for his zeal. So much of the time Peter is the one with his hand in the air saying, “I’ll do it.” Which is a great example for us today. So many of us whether in ministry or not, have this same zeal. It is all about “doing things for God.” We want so badly to be used of Jesus, we run around in circles and call it the work of God. This is one of the major reasons for “burn out” in ministry. The ministry is crazy busy day in and day out with the “works” of the Lord. What we have failed to understand is hearing comes before doing. Ear, thumb, and toe, in that order.

So as we look at Peter, we see somebody who first and foremost loves Jesus. Peter was the first called to be a disciple of Christ along with his brother. So Peter was the one who actually spent the most time with Jesus. Peter heard Jesus day after day, just like the rest of the disciples. And yet, we find several things which are puzzling. It shows that even though we may listen to the words of Jesus, we do not always hear them.

For example, Jesus walks into the room with a bowl and a pitcher. He asks the disciples to take off their shoes so He can wash their feet. Who speaks up? Yep, Peter. “Lord you cannot wash my feet.” Now this is the same Peter who a couple verses prior had just told Jesus how he knew He was the Son of God. Jesus tells Peter if his feet are not washed, then Peter will have no part with Him. Peter pushes forward to tell Jesus, “then wash all of my body.” Is that what Jesus said? He again tells Peter, you aren’t getting it.

As Jesus is closing out His time on earth and begins to tell His disciples how He will be taken, killed, and resurrected. The bible says Peter decides this is a good time to “rebuke the Lord.” Jesus looks at Peter… Meanwhile the rest of the disciples are like, “oh dang, Peter’s doing it again.” Jesus tells Peter, “get behind me satan, you are an offense to me, for you seek your own and not that which is God’s!”

Jesus tells Peter, James, and John to follow Him up onto the mountain. Wow what a privilege to have this private encounter with Jesus. Once on the mountain, Jesus is transfigured and there also appears unto them, Moses and Elijah. Who speaks up? Yup, Peter. Peter tells Jesus, “it’s good that WE are here.” James and John look at each other, and I can see both of their shoulders drop. Peter continues, “what we should do is build three temples, one for each of you. In fact, temples all around!” What comes next, a voice from heaven which shakes the earth? James and John, just shake their heads, again.

Jesus tells the disciples, “on this night all of you will be scattered.” Peter calls Jesus a liar and states, “they may, but not I!”

I am openly pointing at Peter concerning the things which he said. But remember his words are the same words all of those who do not understand HAG will say. I could not tell you how many times that I have been in Peter’s shoes. Doing exactly the things Peter did. All the while, everyone else just shakes their heads, but they don’t have the courage to try anything new. If nothing else, Peter was bold.

Here is where things get more serious. Jesus and His disciples are in the garden awaiting Judas and the soldiers. When the soldiers and the high priest’s servant, Malchus, enter the garden, they ask for Jesus. Jesus tells them who He is and they all fall backward. On the second attempt to seize Jesus, Peter steps forward with his sword. Peter takes his sword and cuts off the right ear of the Malchus. Right ear, does that sound familiar?

This is what I refer to as an apostolic wound. This is a wound which is inflicted by those in ministry, to those which come to them. The name Malchus means “kingdom.”  So here we see the ministry cutting off the right ear to those in the kingdom. If you remember, this means those in ministry are keeping those of the kingdom from hearing the voice of God for themselves. If you recall Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for not only NOT entering into the deep places of God themselves, but also keeping others from doing the same. 

After the cutting off of Malchus’ ear, Jesus steps forward and heals this same wound. He then looks at Peter and rebukes him, again, for his actions.

This should be a cautionary tale for us. The Apostolic wound is a real phenomenon loose in the kingdom today. But it is now that the Body of Christ will make this whole. It is for those who see and understand HAG to restore this message back to the saints. Not only to empower all those who come before the ministry so they can fulfill their destiny, but to also rebuke all those who would inflict such wounds. The results of this will be the saints coming to maturity and fulfilling their priestly duties.

This is why just listening to the voice of God, or a sermon from the pastor, serves no other purpose than for you to think you’re doing your share. But it is in the hearing which all of this changes. It is the very first thing which those of the priesthood must perfect. But unfortunately many in ministry never get this perfected. We can even read how many years later, Paul approaches Peter and rebukes him for not hearing the word of God concerning the Gentiles. This was after Jesus already told Peter not to call the Gentiles common, but part of the kingdom.

Sometimes we listen and listen, but never hear. You…priests of the kingdom…hear me now! Grab onto the HAG principle and become what you were created to become!

H.A.G pt 1

February 15, 2019

After teaching about the ministry of the saints, we need to understand what it means to mature the saints. So much of the time I hear from people in the church world who repeat this common phrase, “where do you get fed.” That has been sad to me for many years. Not because I think that is false, but because it usually comes from people who have been in church for years, and still cannot feed themselves. For at one point I went to church so I could learn about God. But when I began to hear Him for myself, church took on a whole different aspect. It now became about the people I gathered with. It was no longer about giving me enough food to make it through the week. When I entered the ministry, it was about giving the saints their own personal identity.

Since I already covered the fact that all of those in the New Covenant are kings and priests, let’s go back to the OT and see what God required of the priesthood. This may shed some light on what it is we should do for today.

When God called Aaron and his sons to the office of the priesthood, there were certain manifestations which had to be carried out. First and foremost all five had to be cleansed with water. After this the high priest, Aaron, was outfitted with all of his priestly garments. At which point anointing oil was dumped out upon his head. We can later read in the Psalms that there was so much oil it made a puddle at his feet. After the high priest was anointed, the priesthood, which were Aaron’s sons, were only sprinkled with oil. At the conclusion of the anointing process all five of the priests were to lay their hands on a ram, which was then sacrificed. The blood of this ram was placed on the right ear, right thumb, and right big toe of all of the priests.

I know that is a lot to process, but let’s look at the three steps to becoming a priest. First was the cleansing, followed by the anointing, and afterward the blood ritual. All of these were a requirement in order to serve the Lord in the priesthood. Let’s break these down.

While the first two steps are very important, I want to spend my time in this blog on the third step. Since a priest must first be cleansed, and then have the anointing in some fashion, it is the blood ritual which really makes one say, “huh?”

Anytime we look at the right side of the body, it is always a representation of power. If you open your bible you can chase this out for yourself. It is no coincidence that the Lord required the right ear, thumb, and toe to be covered in blood. This was representing the Lord’s work of power in the priesthood. While the first two, the cleansing and anointing were done so one could become a priest, the blood ritual was about doing the work of a priest. Each one of these was meant to show how the priest was able move in the office of a priest. In other words, to function as a priest in all the duties which God required of them.  

The right ear was first. This was to show that in order to function as a priest, you first had to hear the word of God. Secondly they had their right thumb covered in blood. This was to show they must accept and lay their hands to whatever they first heard. Thirdly was their big toe. This was making sure they would go and follow the things which they first heard and laid their hands to. It was also about leadership. The priesthood was to lead the nation in all things God. So it was about Hearing, Accepting and doing, and Going or following. H.A.G

Since we all understand we are kings and priests in Christ, let us look at how this applies in the New Covenant. First we can see how the cleansing takes place when we come into Christ. Our high priest according to Hebrews is Jesus, the Anointed One. The bible shows the oil was dumped upon Aaron’s head. Looking via the finished work, the body’s head is Christ, and He is the anointing. Which means if you are not connected to Christ, you are not anointed, you’re talented. As a priest in Christ, you are cleansed, and anointed. But this has nothing to do with what comes next. In fact you can altogether decide not to do what is next and not mess with your cleansing and anointing. This in fact is what most decide. But for those who want to walk in the office of the priesthood, the blood ritual is a requirement. This means you must first be able to hear the voice of God, and not just the easy things. Remember it is the right ear, which is the ear of power. You will be required to hear the voice of the Father in power. Some of these things will be hard for you to believe, at first. Secondly you will be required to accept the things you hear without wavering, and then lay your hands to them. This means the power of God will flow from your hands into the earth. Lastly you must go outside of yourself, pick up the cross, and follow Him. You must be willing to go wherever He asks you to go, and lead all those who He has connected to you. We immediately start think about foreign lands when I say “go wherever.” But what about walking into a Walmart and speaking the word of power, or laying hands on the hospice ward at the hospital? What about walking into a city council meeting and giving them a word from God? Your feet are now empowered! But remember the key is first hearing, not doing!

When we bring all of these things together, the cleansing, the anointing, and the blood, we can now see why the ministry is failing the earth. Mostly because they have not taught the saints about their priestly duties. In truth, I do not blame the ministry for these short comings. Most are great men and women who love God and Christ with all they have. They were simply never taught these truths. When it all boils down, you don’t know, what you don’t know! Which is why the saints are taught to just hold out until Jesus comes. 

But I do pray if you are reading this, that you will take time to seek the priestly duties of this New Covenant. There is the greatest awakening the earth has ever seen right in front our eyes. But it cannot come in an old wineskin. Renew your belief and faith and find these things for yourself.

Part two of H.A.G will come next time.

Ministry of Saints

February 13, 2019

So much of the time we Christians look at church we attend, or the church at large, as the totality of Christ in the earth. The modern church has become a place where we try and gather as many people as we can, who think like ourselves, into one place. The more people we amass, the more spiritual success we seem to show. This unending desire for physical growth almost always surpasses the spiritual growth or maturity of the saints. This is only because the ministry has played out this game long before it is taught to the saints which gather in their churches.  Isn’t it amazing how much emphases we put on the church as a place and a building. Yet when Jesus was resurrected He never mentioned the church one time. His conversation was consumed by the kingdom, not the church. Not until the ministry understands that it is the church which proceeds from the kingdom, not the kingdom from the church, that we will find the maturity in the saints that I speak of.

But how many of us in ministry would desire to see our physical numbers dwindle on Sunday service, if it meant those who were previously there had been placed into their destiny and ministry. Not many! Again, this is because our sole purpose for spiritual growth and success is based on numbers and building size.

But if the saints were taught about generational blessings and connections, ministry would no longer fear the absence of those saints in their pews. If we as ministry teach on this generational blessing, we would also understand that even though the saints have now become ministers themselves, their spirits are still tied to ours. Which means they haven’t gone anywhere. They are still your sons and daughters just like they would be had they sat there every week.

Many would say I am now advocating against the gathering of the saints together. God forbid! But we must learn the church is a people not a place. Which means if I am about my Father’s business, my gathering may just be in houses or on the streets of my city. Truth be told, a gathering is simply more than one!

This does not mean a church of 100 people now calls themselves mature and they all start 100 churches in the same city. For some reason in this day and age we are defined in ministry if we are the Pastor, or the Evangelist. What we have failed to realize is while we are not all Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, or Teachers, as far as the “5-fold” ministry pertains. We are all kings and priests of this New Covenant. Which means we all have a ministry which we are to fulfill.

Now if I am the leader of a church, which I am, my goal is put each saint into the destiny for which they were created. This means not all of them will remain with me for the rest of their lives. But if they are truly connected to me, we will never be apart.

Ministry, stop hoarding and whoring, and start finding the saint’s place in this world, and not just your own! One of the greatest mysteries we will find, is the greatest ministry of all is not behind the pulpit, it’s in the pew. It is the ministry of the Saints!